Saturday, April 17, 2010

Review of the Phallix Pleasure Pouch

The Pleasure Pouch by Phallix is a heavily padded drawstring pouch to protect your most valuable glass toys, or any toy you particularly want to protect. I was surprised to see how thick it was even though I knew they had been compared to cushions and pillows. It’s true.

It is made with synthetic velvet with an attractive wave pattern. It is padded with a thick polyester fill, proved with some loose fibers inside the pouch. It is covered with the velvet fabric inside and out, and the only visible seam is inside the pouch. It is possible –at least for me– to see that the fabric is actually reinforced with a mesh of fabric. So you get a really good pouch that resists normal use.The fabric did not have any noticeable smell before it was washed for the first time. I kept feeling the velvet over and over again and I noticed after a moment that I had no synthetic fibers on my hands, not even when scratching on the surface with a nail.

The Pleasure Pouch comes in three sizes, 7”, 9” and 12”. The model I have is the 9” and is actually 10 inches long. The extra inch is unpadded and allows the bag to be shut with the drawstring. At the very base, the width is 6” but with the padding, the pouch is 5” large. When there is nothing in it, it is 3” thick. With all the padding, the space inside is limited and can only fit large glass toy or two normal-sized ones, like the Dichroic Wrapped Love Wand in the picture. However, if you are going to squeeze two glass toys in the pouch, make sure that at least one of them is in a silk or satin bag so that the surface of the glass toys does not get scratched.

The bag is so padded that it’s almost unnecessary to close the bag unless you’re traveling with it. Even a single glass toy with a Phallix Pleasure Pouchdiameter of one inch will not slide out from the bag even if it is open and upside down. The only way to make it drop is to shake the pouch while it is upside down, and we both know that’s not going to be happening in every day situations, right?

The fabric is soft, but if you touch the surface before a first wash, you get that impression of having a manufacturer residue on your hands. However, there are no washing instructions, and I wish it did. It seems a pretty robust pouch and it can survive to a gentle cycle through the washer and dryer. It does not leak any dye and can be washed with other fabrics. The pouch was so plushy, I had to press the air out of it so that it will stop floating in my washer as it was getting filled with water.

After a first wash in a delicate cycle and dryer, the Pleasure Pouch was in a perfect condition. The velvet felt even softer and was felt just as padded. The inside of the pouch may take a while to be really dry, and you may have to put it back for another cycle or leave it out to air dry. I believe that with a high number of washes, that the polyester fill will eventually pack together and have a little bit more space inside. But then, I’d have to wash it frequently to get to that point.

I recommend this Pleasure Pouch to anyone who has a special glass toy that is often taken out of the box or when you need extra padding during transport if you are taking the toy outside of your home. However, since it is bulky, I do not think anyone would need a pouch like this for normal storage. It’s nice, it’s practical, but it looks like there is too much padding in this pouch. However, if you have a higher price toy that is worth over $150, sometimes extra padding is really what you want.

Kynky Kytty

product picture
Storage container by Phallix
Material: Velvet
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