Saturday, May 1, 2010

Clueless About Double-Headed Dildos

Here’s a cute, funny story about a more innocent period of mine.

The first few times that I did some online sex toy shopping, I looked up everything I could, and even the double-headed dildos. Why wouldn’t I? A double dildo means twice the fun on the same toy, right? Well, not exactly like I imagined.

It had never occurred to me that they were strapless strap-on. I did not read the descriptions, and was just looking at the shape to see if I would like them. So, I was ultimately confused as to why someone would want to play with that huge bulb like on the Fun Factory Share, or the Tantus Feeldoe. Especially the Feeldoe, because I really could not see the fun in thrusting the ball part.

I could not see anything special in them except for the longer end. Not only that, but they were actually more expensive than the other silicone toys.

It’s funny how I can remember what I thought about those products then, and how my knowledge of sex toys has changed over time.

Well, I’m not so clueless now, and I now own one of them. Now if I could just get to use it with someone else… Any volunteer?

Kynky Kytty

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Sir said...

HAHAHA! It is funny, right, how we think of what we thought then compared to now? I'm sure that you can find someone who would be dying to be in the receiving (or perhaps wearing) end of your lovely toy. Good luck!

If for nothing else, they are good solo toys. Easy to grip for use, until you do have a partner to use it with.

Misfit Momma aka Missy said...

I hope to get a Feeldoe eventually , not sure I will have anyone to use it with either though!

I know that after seeing the rabbit vibes in my local store , I have wanted one for years..and now that I have more toys that I have bought over the years and some that I have got for review , I don't even want the rabbit ones ! Well..certain ones but the ones I want aren't "rabbits"

Naughty Kitty said...

I really want to get the feeldoe, but I'm in the same spot as you don't have anyone to use it with. One of my guys I see said he might let me try it on him, but I would really like to try it with a girl

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