Monday, May 10, 2010

Review of the Tantus Buzz 1

I got the Tantus Buzz 1 from this great sex store I trust, EdenFantasys, because I wanted to have a more neutral toy to play with when I would be wearing a small anal plug or anal beads. I also liked that it came with a vibration option in the shape of a bullet than can be inserted in a socket Tantus Buzz 1 at the base.

I have never hidden the fact that I prefer textured toys, but I never said that I did not like simpler and smoother toys. And quite honestly, this pink buzzer is definitely not a simple dildo. It is a sparkling gem and not just because of that dazzling, shimmery pearly pink color. I even placed it in front of my keyboard and I can’t stop looking at it with a secret smile. We know better now. 

I really love the firmness of the Tantus silicone ever since I bought my first Tantus toy, the Purr. It has some give to it, but only when it’s squished firmly, and makes that the shape you see is what you get. That apparently casual bump at the base of the 1 ½” diameter head of feels heavenly when it hits the g-spot after sliding along the 6” of the 1 ¼” diameter shaft of polished pure silicone bliss. Hopefully, I was able to keep a good grip on the Buzz with the help of the wide base, which makes it anal safe. I really liked using it along with my Fun Factory Flexi Felix, because I could feel them move in response to the Buzz.

Buzz one came along a standard bullet, and I think the one I got was not working well and I had to hold on the button to have vibrations. When using the bullet alone, it kept shutting down depending on how I was Tantus Buzz 1 Bottom holding it. When it worked, it had a good vibration intensity, but with a loud buzz but it can be muffled with some heavy covers. I recommend placing a good drop of lube on the bullet before placing it in the dildo to be able to remove it easily.

Anally, I was not let down either. Once I got past the head, it felt like I had just inserted a large butt plug. And then, the extremely smooth silicone contributed to what may be the smoothest anal thrusts I’ve had next to my Phallix Dichroic Wrapped Love Wand. I could feel where the head was moving inside me at any time, but the head would not move out until I made the conscious effort to let it go. The Buzz may not be for the anal beginner since the head is not tapered and some warming up may be in order. Remember to use lots of water-based lubricant, because silicone-based is not recommended with this material. 

Speaking of which, this toy is made of pure platinum silicone, and it’s probably my favorite material. Silicone is latex-free, hypoallergenic, phthalates-free, non-porous, without smell or taste and can be washed with mild soap and water. It can also be sanitized by boiling for three minutes or put in the top rack of the dishwasher. If you are going to share, you also have the option to put on a condom on it. And remember to never use a toy vaginally after it was used anally before cleaning it properly.

You can also put it in the freezer or in warm water for temperature play, as long as the Tantus Buzz 1 Packagemicrowave is not used. The only disadvantage is that it really attracts lint and hair like a magnet and that it must be stored away from toy made of other soft materials or other grades of material. 

The Buzz 1 came in a plastic display box that is completely recyclable. The text on the box puts emphasis on the qualities of silicone, and they are quite good arguments  when it comes to selling sex toys. Instructions were not provided in the package.

Even though the bullet brought some frustrations during use, the Buzz 1 still a great product that I really enjoyed. I never had so much trouble with bullets in the past, especially not from my previous bullet from Tantus and I believe I had an isolated issue. 

Kynky Kytty
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Dildo by Tantus
Material: Silicone
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katia said...

that you for the review! i totaly agree that silicone is the best for sex toys! I hate stuff that can get a smell to it. Glass is pretty but i find silicone to be more...satisfying haha

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