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Review of the SSA Pink Rotator

Ever since I saw a juicer, rotator or spinner toy like the Pink Rotator, I wanted to try one. I had read some reviews, and even if people were not calling it exceptional, the concept was still very interesting and fun. With that in mind, I did not have unrealistic expectations like having a mind-Pink Rotator - SSA Glass blowing orgasm by rotating this toy. Yet, this toy still managed to give me a good one, but in a different way. 

The Pink Rotator, by SSA Glass, is a glass toy meant to be turned inside the body in order to experience a new type of physical sensation. Depending on the direction of rotation, juices may be actually juiced out of the body. When the handle is turned clockwise, the swirls are drilling inside the body, and are moving outward when turned counter-clockwise. It’s the counter-clockwise motion that makes this toy a juicer, because the swirls will move any liquid out of the body. It can also be used in a thrusting motion and the head of the toy will stimulate the g-spot very effectively. If you want to know about caring for a borosilicate glass toy and how to play with temperature with it, click here.

The whole toy is 5 ¾” long. The head of this toy has a diameter of 1 ½”, but it feels quite large since it’s made of glass. There are indented lines around the head, and while I did not feel them, I suspect that it must still add some subtle stimulation within the vagina. The shaft, without the swirls, has a diameter of 1”, and 1 ¼” with them. Considering that this toy does not have a long insertable section, of about 3 ½”, it cannot be inserted too far or hit the cervix in a painful way, and this can be particularly good if a partner is driving the toy. The small handle at the base helps with turning and for holding the toy for thrusting.

The pink swirls are very pale, and at times, it can be hard to see them if the background is not white and, while it is cute, a darker pink would have been nice. The nubs are also pink, but their color is even fainter than that of the swirls. Since the base is flat and that the body of the glass is clear, you can actually see inside the body like an open window. I had to take a picture to get a Bottom View of Pink Rotatorlook, which I will not be sharing obviously, but I’m sure any partner would be fascinated as well. The only visible imperfection noticeable on mine is at the tip of the rounded end, which looks more like a bunch of bubbles got in the glass.

The flat base is very wide, slightly more than 2”, and makes this toy safe for anal play. I can usually handle a silicone toy of that size anally without warming up, but this one was a little too much for me, especially since the difference in diameter between the neck and the head is pronounced; it was actually a little painful removing it. So for the moment, I’m limiting my experience to vaginal play, which was really satisfying. I was able to feel the swirls move inside me, and I could tell in what direction they were going. Even if the goal is to get the juices out, I actually preferred rotating the toy clockwise, since I could better feel the swirls when they would dig into me. There are a few nubs all around the edge of the base to rub against the labia and ideally the clitoris during the rotation. I could feel them, but they did not provide more than collateral stimulation.

I got an amazing orgasm by thrusting this toy to hit my g-spot while fingering myself, and I have the impression that I would only need a little bit more practice to be able to squirt with it. However, I did not get an orgasm by rotating this toy, but I like experiencing new sensations, and was quite happy with this new toy. As such, I would say that the swirling function of this toy is best used for a one-of-a-kind foreplay activity. I recommend this toy to everyone, but particularly Pink Rotator and Pouchfor couples. You could even use it after intercourse, but that would be naughty and messy. 

The Pink Rotator comes within a cloth pouch, the Toy Pouch, which is also wrapped in plastic. While it is not padded, the two layers of cloth are sufficient for protecting the toy during storage. The toy does not come with any instructions, and the only reading material is the information about the materials of the drawstring bag.

You can also get your own Pink Rotator at this sex toy store I trust.

Kynky Kytty

product picture
Dildo by SSA Glass
Material: Pyrex Glass
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

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Tim Kerrick said...

it looks like a good pre-game toy.

Kynky Kytty said...

Indeed, it's hard to reproduce this sensation with other dildos without awkward movements. Thanks for commenting, Tim! :)

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