Monday, October 18, 2010

Review of the Book Oral Sex He’ll Never Forget

The book Oral Sex He’ll Never Forget is essentially a tool for everyone who needs help with coming up with imaginative ways or new ideas in performing oral sex. It’s not necessarily Front Coverfocused on techniques, even if there is a few of them. This book has to be considered as a tool. A tool that provides scenarios for oral sex by combining situations, places, accessories, techniques  and even lines to say. So if you have never given more than a straightforward blow job in bed, this book might just be the thing for spicing up things and actually give him oral sex he’ll never forget. It’s true that a perfect technique is not going to stimulate a man’s fantasy, which is exactly what this book thrives to do.

The book, written by a sexologist, Sonia Borg, is a large paperback of 144 pages. The pages are glossy and if your fingers are not extremely clean, you’ll leave fingerprints on the black pages. There are illustrations, either real picture of drawing, throughout the book. The pictures show nudity, but never show anything beyond the hint of a pubic area; any illustration of a penis is done through drawn images when showing anatomy or techniques. The men and women in the pictures look like porn stars (muscular men with no hair on their chest, and women with fake eyelashes, make up, boob Sample Picturejobs, and perfect body) that were pictured in very original and appealing poses. I’m sorry, but I didn’t find that aspect particularly appealing considering that this book is meant to be read mostly by women, and maybe homosexual men. I would have preferred couples that looked more real so I could relate more to them.

The book starts with an introduction to the male genital anatomy, just in case you need to know a few things about what’s where and what the most sensitive parts are. The book is also divided in categories of blow jobs:

The Fantasy BJs
The Exhibitionist BJs
The D-I-Y BJs 
The Fancy BJs
The Quickie BJs
The Healing BJs
The Lazy BJs
The Special Skills BJs
Three BJ Games

Some of the settings are simple ways to heat things up for a couple, like incorporating phone sex or faking to be strangers to flirt in a public place, and some others are more original and will likely appeal to most men, like pizza delivery with a sexy twist. Ok, maybe it’s not that original,Drawings but it would work magic. The blow jobs scenarios are never really complicated, except for ones that require special accessories like a cam recorder, an airplane bathroom, or a pearl necklace (among the fancy blow job), but fake pearls would do the trick as well. And then there is a positions that requires a good level of physical fitness and strength.

The games all require some memorization where you have to perform special techniques according to some triggers. In any situation, I believe that a game has to be simple so that you can play at any moment and not think too much about the rules, which is what makes a game a classic. And when it comes to sex, simple is key. If on paper the game looks complex (for instance 10 different techniques for 10 triggers), then I’m likely going to forget in the heat of passion and resort to improvisation, which makes me believe that the author has never played those game and just made them up for the book. The idea behind them is good, but some tweaking may be required to really make them functional.

However, even if the concept behind this is about giving you a BJ-in-a-box, if what the book makes you say or do is out of character, even if it’s meant to be a fantasy or an act, I am sure Back Coverthat it may be odd and not have the same effect as expected. I get the impression that if you can’t manage to make it your own, it will seem too rehearsed and artificial, which would not be that much of a turn on. So, you need to have some skills in acting to make sure to make an impact. Still, this book can definitely boost someone’s confidence level in giving a blow job.

Even if I didn’t need any help for the basic techniques, I’m sure going to try as much scenarios as  possible, because they look fun to do. But I would not want to try them all at once, and once every few months seems reasonable enough to really keep those moments special.

I would like to thank Fascinations for letting me review this book.

Kynky Kytty

This item was received for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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Tim Kerrick said...

"Even if I didn’t need any help for the basic techniques, I’m sure going to try as much scenarios as possible, because they look fun to do."

Luckiest. Man. Ever.

Kynky Kytty said...

There is no such man yet. ;)

Lucid Obsession said...

The fake pearls is a good trick, picked it up from Cosmo a year ago or so.

Kynky Kytty said...

It looks fun, I had never thought about it, and it seemed like an interesting texture to play with. :D

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