Thursday, January 14, 2010

Review of the Glass Ben Wa Balls

When I first saw the Glass Ben Wa Balls by Topco, also known as Blue Blossoms, I was instantly charmed by the design of this piece. I know it’s a personal opinion, but I think they are just gorgeous. The quality of the flowers in the glass is impressive, and they look like a piece of art. I wish I could just show them around to my friends and family if I did not have to tell them they were my vaginal balls.

When I first received the balls, they came in a black satin box, in which you can store them between each use. They are separated by a piece of velvety foam with sockets that keeps them apart so that they do not get scratches as they are made of glass. This material is a very safe non-porous material that is also very easy to clean, either with a mild soap and water or a sex toy cleaner. They can also be sterilized with a bleaching solution, with rubbing alcohol or boiled in hot water. Washing glass balls with soap under running water is a very slippery task and I was so afraid to drop them and see them get scratches or – horror – chipped. So, after feeling anxious after a few washes, I figured that it would be more practical to wash them in a plastic bowl filled with water.

After the clean-up, I was ready to try them on. Or rather, try them in. They have a diameter of about one inch, which I think was a good intermediate size for me to begin. I wanted to have a good difficulty level to start with. I did not use lube for insertion, the glass could slide in very easily with the help of my own body fluids. However, any type of lubricants is compatible with glass. 

I must say that I was disappointed at first because I could hardly feel them inside me. I walked around slowly to get used to them and it did not take long to feel a ball slowly slide down. If you are a little insecure about your Kegel skills, keep a pair of panties on to keep them from falling on the floor. Wearing them made me realize how I had never really had any active control of my Kegel muscles, even if I had a supposedly Kegel exerciser with the Fun Factory Smart balls. I could clench my muscles for very short instants, but I was unable to do so for a long period of time. It helped me get a better idea of the muscle group I was targeting, and it was a very interesting experience. I started to feel the balls now when I could clench my muscles around then and that’s when I began to feel some pleasure. It’s less intense than with a vibrating set of vaginal balls, but it’s also quite nice. It’s sexy. And the longer you keep them in, the wetter you get, the more slippery they become, the harder it is to hold them in. It’s quite a workout.

When it comes to taking them out, it’s not too complicated, but they do not come with a string to help pull them out. So you have to actually take a finger to take them out one by one. I have always been very comfortable with my body, so it was not an issue. The first one is easy to get out, it also helps push a little and it will easily fall in your hand. The other one is a little trickier since you have to go get it further. I have long slender fingers, so I think that it to be taken in consideration when evaluating your level of comfort when you will wrap a finger around that glass ball. They may have one inch in diameter, but more space will be used when you reach for it. If you have some difficulty, try to push down with your muscles.

You have to use your muscles actively with the Glass Ben Wa Balls to get the most of what they can offer and be pleasantly surprised. I do not think I would have had the motivation to just start doing Kegel exercises on my own without any tools, and they gave me a beautiful incentive to start working them. Like I said, they are a tool, and you have to be willing to work. I can feel that I have still a long way to go before using a smaller ball set, but the progress I made since I purchased them was quite satisfying for me.

I later learned that it might not be good to use the glass balls together as some scratches can be created from the contact of the two glass balls. The solution if you already have them or can't resist them is to use only one at a time. 

Kynky Kytty
product picture
Vaginal balls by Topco
Material: Pyrex Glass
The product was purchased by the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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