Saturday, April 3, 2010

Review of the Fun Factory Wanda

I obtained the Fun Factory Wanda at this great sex shop. It is a silicone dildo, but it’s quite different from conventional strap-on silicone dildos. It’s an oddly-shaped dildo and to be frank, I always leaned toward other dildos when I had to make a purchase. This was such a mistake.

The Wanda is first and foremost designed for anal play. It looks like a little worm, and it’s obviously non-realistic and non-threatening. Fun Factory Wanda, PackageIt’s cute and the first thought that crossed my mind after getting it out of the box was that it looked fun. The shape is gradual from a smaller tip of a width of ¾” and alternates between shaft sections and bumps to reach the last and largest bump that has a diameter of 1 ½”. The insertable length is 5 1/2”.

The toy is velvety, and has some squishy give to it, just like most Fun Factory dildos.It is made of pure silicone, a great material that does not contain phthalates or latex. It’s actually hypoallergenic and completely body safe, since it’s non-porous. Silicone can also react to other grades of silicone toys, so keep them separate and do not use a silicone-based lubricant.

Silicone is easy to care for, a toy cleaner can be used to wash it, but I generally use a mild antibacterial hand soap. Silicone can be sanitized by being boiled as well as soaked or wiped with a 10% bleach solution. If you intend to share, you can use a condom over the toy as well. Some dishwashers also have the ability to sanitize silicone when washed on the top rack with no soap. Normally, silicone does not really have a smell, just a very faint silicone-smell, but it will retain a smell for a little while or days after being used anally, even if it was washed. I do not usually mind the smell, since the toy is still clean.

This silicone dildo attracts lint easily and should ideally be stored in a plastic bag or lint-free cloth bag. I have had a silicone toy in contact with a heavily tinted velvet cloth and the silicone was permanently stained. Fortunately, this was a lesser priced bullet sleeve, but my advice is that if the cloth leaks when it’s wet, don’t let it touch your toys. The dildo comes in a box with a plastic display and basic instructions, along with a lube sample.

It has a large concave base with three lobes, which makes it safe for anal play. It’s always a good thing when it’s the actual intended use of a sex toy, right? The base makes a great handle during play, especially when the base or your fingers are wet with lube. The concave part also works as a suction cup, and works best when it’s really wet before being pressed on a flat surface. It’s great for showers and baths.

The surface of the bumps is also smoother than the body of the dildo, making the bumps easier to slide in. It’s hard to tell the difference in texture at first, and I had not even noticed from the Fun Factory Wanda, Green

website’s pictures. I only saw that characteristic when I was holding it in my hands, and I could see that the bumps were shinier than the shaft. I could hardly feel the difference with my fingertips, but the tip of my tongue –and ass– confirmed the smoother texture. This is great for people less experienced in anal play to progress along the dildo’s shaft. I have discovered that I prefer less-pronounced textures when I’m playing anally, and the smooth bumps slide in without effort.

When I inserted this toy the first time, I did not play with any other anal toys, since I wanted to feel how I would warm up to the last bump. With the sample of the water-based Fun Factory Toyfluid that was provided with this toy, I started to insert the tip and quickly got past the second bump. The first bump is barely smaller than the shaft before the third bump, and since the bumps are quite smooth, they don’t present any challenge, just sensations.

After the initial insertion where I got past the second bump, I pushed a little more to get the third bump in, but I felt a slight poke. I was surprised, since I had tried longer toys than that with no issue. It has to do with the shape, and started to turn the toy in order to find a path to get it all in. I really had the impression that I had a rotating handle within me and I could feel it very well. I think it was felt particularly well because the tip is angled particularly outwards when that part of the shaft is perpendicular with the sphincter. I best preferred rotating the dildo past the second bump as I was trying to get the last bump in. When it is rotated past the third bump, you can still feel the rotation, but it’s gentler, since the most outward part becomes the second bump. Just that really makes this toy unique, but I’ve only just begun.

As I turned the toy to get the last bump in, I would gently push it inside to test waters. Most of the time, I could feel it being pushed back out by my body, until it was finally accepted by my body. It felt sucked in, and was held very firmly into place. And then, the truth about this toy dawned on me. The oddly-shaped shaft was not just randomly whimsical; it was completely brilliant and ingenious. As soon as it was in, the only thing I could feel was the last bump and the feeling of my sphincter being stretched. Nothing else.

Having this toy completely inserted is an amazing sensation, and I was completely caught by surprised. It was like my body no longer recognized the dildo as a foreign object and it became a part of me, almost symbiotically. This is what completely blew my mind, and it was orgasmic. I do not know for sure if it was an orgasm, but I had full-body spasms very similar to those I get from a strong orgasm. The dildo was held so firmly into place that I could walk around the apartment with it and it did not slide out at all, even if there was a lot of extra lubricant. The tip of the toy does not always point in the same direction for a perfect fit, and trial and error is required every time you want to get it all in.

After being inserted completely, I was able to warm up to it even more and make it possible to thrust with the entire length. If you have a partner controlling the Wanda with their hands or with an harness, I do not suggest to get the third bump in, unless you have been previously warmed up with another anal toy. Like I said, it needs some turning to get it all in, and it may not always be possible to get it in just by regular thrusting.

Unlike what I expected, this is not just for beginners who want to start with a smaller girth and work their way to a medium-sized diameter. It’s quite different from any other toy I have tried, since the Fun Factory Wanda is not just about thrusting, it’s also meant to be turned, rotated or screwed into you. This is where the odd angles of the shaft make this toy shine.


Kynky Kytty

product picture
Strap-on dildo by Fun Factory
Material: Silicone
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.
The product was provided for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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Gardenvy said...

Wanta Wanda! She's very neat looking :) Nice review!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review! I never thought this strange-looking toy would work so well. I may be adding this to my wishlist.

Kynky Kytty said...

My pleasure! :D

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