Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Fear of Sex Toys: Part 2

So, like I said in an earlier post, my ex was not interested in using sex toys with me. The second part of this post is about another post that was related to the many lies he told me during and after our relationship.

During a conversation after we had broken up, several months actually after the break up, he was trying to get his way into my bed again. Honestly, I don’t even understand why, it’s not like it was amazing, at least not for me. But somehow, I think he knew how easy it sometimes was to have sex with ex-girlfriends and he was trying his luck. No luck.

The thing is that I asked him that I was not interested, and that I preferred waiting for someone who would be interested. Then, he told me that he had used toys with someone else, that it was no big deal. But why was it a big deal when we were together? Was I just not worth trying something interesting and fun for both of us?

I even told him about my strap-on dildo just to make it clear that he was not going to like my new play things. And yet, here again, he told me it’s something he would be curious to try. That is, he told me after verifying it was meant to go ‘in a man’s bottom’. Bottom? Seriously, he can’t even say ass, why would I even want to put it there. He highly disliked when he or I accidentally farted in the presence of each other, there was no way I could believe THAT lie. It was just too much.

I was so upset that I did not even bother asking if his interest in sex toys started before or after we were together. Then again, I’m pretty sure they were lies, so there was no point asking really. It is just frustrating, not only to be lies at, but to be told lies about things that matter to me. He knew that, and was trying to use that to manipulate me. It’s just wrong to see things clearly now that I never noticed before.

If I only knew how much someone could lie to get his way with life, I would have broken up with him before even moving in together. Actually, it was even a lie that he wanted us to move in together… He was not interested. Ah all the trouble I could have saved.

Sigh, thanks for listening,

Kynky Kytty

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Gardenvy said...

Sorry that he was such a ...
Some partners are just meant to be an ex.

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