Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Coolest Thing About Reviewing Sex Toys Is…

…the reactions I get when I tell people about it.

For some reason when I tell someone that I review sex toys, they open up to me in ways that they rarely ever do when it comes to their sexuality. It’s fascinating since the sexuality of the regular person is usually limited within the walls of a bedroom. It must be somehow impressive to hear someone comment about reviewing sex toys as casually as talking about the weather. Not a lot of people can do that, and I think it makes people comfortable with the idea that if they also talk about their sexuality, they are going to get a positive reaction, without judgements. And they do. Honestly, I have no taboo and I like to talk about everything, especially about sex, sexuality and stuff. Even if the topic is not something that I fantasize about, I’ll eagerly discuss the issue with someone who does. It’s a shame that sex is still so very much taboo in some places, and makes it even harder to find people with whom to discuss things about sex.

What fascinates me the most is how easily information – that usually makes one worry about another’s reaction – is shared. It’s awing and it’s so much fun! Girls tell me about the toys they have and that they need a new toy, but they don’t know which ones to pick. A friend of mine, who does not speak English, wanted me to help her browse a sex store with products that she wanted, which was a lot of fun. Guys feel more comfortable saying that they’re curious about toys, that they have to try at least one eventually or that they do have some. One guy at work even came to me to know about the sites where I was reviewing because he wanted more information about the Fleshlights. Yes, I did say someone from work, but only a few of them know, and even if it would ever get to the boss’ ears, I would never lose my job for that.

I’ve learned a lot about sex toys since I began reviewing several months ago, and I feel like I am actually useful, and that my opinion do count. I enjoy this so much that I wonder if I should not seriously consider getting a job in sex toy retail. It’s already hard not talking about sex all day, and yes I do have a reputation for having a dirty mind and mouth at work, and I could actually do! I’ll be pondering this for a little while not to be too impulsive, since there are already so many things I already want to do, but… it’s really tempting, and it would sure be fun.

This is a great motivation to learn even more than I already do and try as many materials as possible. Hahaha, did I just give myself an excuse to review even more toys? I think so!

Kynky Kytty

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Misfit Momma aka Missy said...

I'll test it out tonight. Last night, we had a friend over and as I was walking around naked showing off my new thong and nipple bling we were wondering how a different friend would react if I was to do the same thing while he was here. They are both coming over again tonight so maybe I will bring toys up and see where it goes from there. Personally I think he will act like it is scary in some way {This is a raised religous-still a virgin-saving it for marriage friend.Rare for men..}

I really should try out a few different materials too, so far I have been trying to stick to what I know I like. I tried to get a job at my local sex shop a few years ago...I didn't get it because I didn't have any retail experience to back me up but I don't have any doubt that I qualified as far as talking about sex went.

I didn't even really want the job, I just wanted to work with sex toys - got what I wanted now and I don't even have to leave the house! Wish I had known I could write reviews long ago...

Battery Operated Whispers said...

This is great to know people are having a positive reaction. I still haven't came out to let people know I'm reviewing sex toys except to my boyfriend, my best friend, and a few of my online friends. It's not that I find it shameful or anything, just a sort of awkward subject. I guess I'm most nervous of my grandma finding out as I live with her and that'd be weird, haha. I find it amazing though how you can mention it and then get some women (and men) to open up. I know a lot of women think it's so wrong to talk about sex or masturbating, but it's nothing to ever be ashamed of and not talked about. Great post!

My Buzz on Vibes said...

That is so awesome! I've had a mixed reaction. Most people just kind of smile and nod, so who knows what they're really thinking, but a few of my friends have been very supportive. I live in the Bible Belt, so the majority of the local population consider masturbation, porn, and sex toys sinful. Strangely enough, even a friend of mine who SELLS "bedroom accessories" through a Christian-based home party company won't talk to me about my blog or sex toys. Maybe I'm just too shameless.

Kynky Kytty said...

@Missfit Momma, I don't usually show off my new thing and nipple bling, but the first time I bought a vibe, the Dinky Digger, I showed the picture to all my friends. I even showed some Phallix toys to a collegue. Too pretty.

@Battery Operated Whispers, It always depends on the vibe you give off and what people know you for. I make sex jokes and comments, and people don't even blink in surprise when I tell them. I think it just fits with my personality and it's easily accepted.

@My Buzz on Vibes, Seriously, that Christian has a very strange reaction. Maybe she does not understand why you use the word SEX, as in SEX TOYS, while they really are marital aids. (Hahaha!).

Misfit Momma aka Missy said...

Well, I didn't end up bring the subject up at all with the 3rd friend over. He brought a 4th friend with him and somehow we got onto the topic of Anal sex and the 4th friend got all weird and started going on about how gross that was because POO came from there and how could anyone possibly want to do yea we just started talking about other things lol

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