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Review of the Cal Exotics Rabbit Frenzy

I got the Rabbit Frenzy by California Exotics at this sex shop I trust. It is a dual stimulation vibrator that works with a large bullet and a rabbit clitoral stimulator. The model I have is white, and I think it’s really cute, but it did not work for me the way I expected it to perform. The reason I wanted it was to know how a rabbit clitoral attachment would feel like, because I wanted to get a full-sized rabbit vibrator. I still do, but a rabbit clitoral attachment may not be the best for me, Frenzy Rabbit Cal. Exotics since I really like a strong stimulation even if it feels nice.

The vibrator has a single bullet with a phthalate-free and unscented TPR sleeve, which is 2 ½” long, with an insertable length of 1 ½” and a diameter of 1 ¼”. The rabbit part on the sleeve, from the tip of the ears to where it connects with the bullet, is 2 ½” and the ears alone are 1” long. The controller, with a 28” cord, is made of ABS plastic, and the control button and the back of the controller feel like they are coated with polyurethane, since they have a soft, velvet feel that prevents the controller to be too slippery if your fingers are slightly wet. However, Frenzy Rabbit is not a waterproof toy, so you cannot bring it with you into the shower. If you want to know more about TPR, click here to read my post on that material. However, please note that with the design of the vibrator, it would be hard to use a condom on this one and it cannot really be shared unless you are fluid-bonded with a partner.

The bullet is powered with three AAA batteries and has 5 modes of constant vibrations ranging from a mild buzz to an strong one. The sound level at the highest setting is comparable to a standard-sized bullet, and it could be heard through a door if the house was quiet. Thick bed covers would also muffle the volume as well. The controller is comfortable, and has only has two clicking buttons. Pressing any button and also releasing the button makes a fairly clear click sound and it can get a little distracting if you are playing around with the intensities. When you turn it on, there is also a red LED light that lights up on top of the controller. The toyRabbit Frenzy Battery Cap comes in a completely recyclable plastic display package that can be used for storage. It comes with instructions in several languages, but I really did not need them, since everything is clearly indicated within the controller as you slide open the battery cap.

So far so good, but when you try to insert the bullet as much as possible, the bunny goes completely flat against your body. Without having looked, I know it must have looked like a cartoon bunny that ran into a wall and went arms-spread flat. Actually, in that position, I could see the ears reach up to my pubic mound, meaning that the tip of the ears was nowhere near my clitoris. Not only that, but if I would not hold it into place, the bullet would eventually slide out from the pressure that the rabbit applied against my body. This is why I was the most disappointed with this toy, and was afraid that I would not like it at all.

Fortunately, I played a little bit more and found out that the best ways to use this toy was anything else but its intended purpose. I separately used the rabbit to tease myself or the bullet to get an orgasm, and was really happy with the results and the possibilities. Even if there is no bullet in the bunny part, the vibrations travel really well within the TPR and the little ears feel really good. I really liked the rabbit ears with a low setting as a soft teasing and caressing stimulation, especially on the clitoris, on my labia, and the entrance of the vagina. I also tried it on the nipples or stuck my nipples between the ears, and this is where I preferred the rabbit on the higher settings.

I also enjoyed using it upside down, with the bullet on my clit and the ears tickling the entrance of my vagina. It may not seem like much, but those bunny ears must not be underestimated. This was also the first toy that I actually used to cool down after getting an orgasm, and kept using the rabbit part while gradually lowering the setting until it was off. I’m usually very sensitive after an orgasm, and the lower settings were gentle enough for me.If I was fluid-bonded Rabbit Frenzy Packagewith a boyfriend, I am sure it would also feel really nice for caressing the penis and the testicles.

All in all, it’s a really interesting toy that can stimulate you in many ways, as long as you are willing to explore the possibilities. I admit that I was disappointed at first that it would not work according to the design, but it was compensated in other ways. I recommend this Rabbit Frenzy for beginners, since it is actually a great toy to play around to see what you like, for instance low or strong vibrations combined with a clitoral teaser, a bullet or shallow penetration. I do not hide the fact that I had a lot of fun with it myself, so even people who have other great toys can still enjoy the Rabbit Frenzy.

Kynky Kytty

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Clitoral vibrator by California Exotic
Material: TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber)
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