Thursday, June 3, 2010

Review of the Vixen Creations Vixskin Raquel

Ever since I heard about the silicone that was made to feel realistic I became really curious and started to look for one that would interest me. There were not many unrealistic ones, since I always look for funky colors and non-realistic shapes. But I knew about a few of them that looked really pretty, and the one that caught my attention the most was the Vixskin Raquel from Vixen Creations Vixskin Raquel Vixen Creations, because of that beautiful shimmering pink and pearlescent base. I’ll start with  the breakdown of the Raquel’s specifications, and then I’ll talk in length about how Vixskin feels.

The Raquel is a harness-compatible dildo made of pure silicone that has a soft layer of Vixskin over a much firmer core of silicone again to give the toy a realistic feel. Even with the firm core, Raquel is still a floppy toy that bends easily to pressure. With a length of 7” of smooth shaft with a 1.25” diameter, topped with a rounded 1.5” diameter head, the Raquel is what I call medium-sized. I do not consider myself a size queen and my largest toys have a diameter of 1.75, and I only have two, among which is the Astro Vibe by Vixen. Raquel is nicely filling without stretching and the head gently hits the g-spot during vaginal play. I am satisfied with the size, but women who like smaller toys might feel like a size-queen with this one, and size queens may not get the most fulfilling experience. If the size is right, it’s a great toy to try. Also, if you want to know more about silicone and learn how to take good care of it, click here, and note that Vixskin attracts more lint than any other pure silicone I tried.

The base is really large and is roughly 3” wide all around, which makes it anal safe if you want to use it that way. I did not try it anally yet, but I’m sure the softness of the surface feels just as  good as it does vaginally. It’s different from the pictures on the product description I’ve seen, and it seems like the Raquel was upgraded to have that harness compatibility I mentioned. The base extends a little into the shaft at the base before the Vixskin begins, and is about 1.75” wide, so youVixskin Raquel Suction Cup Base may have to take that in consideration when choosing a O-ring. I placed the base of the Raquel against my pubic mound and felt very comfortable. Do take in consideration that I do not have pubic hair and that I really can’t tell if it pulls hair.

The suction cup is created by the fact that the borders are extremely flat and especially shiny and there’s a hole in the middle. It needs a really flat surface to stick to it, but it’s quite efficient when it does. The suction holds when it is dry as well as when there is some lube. At first, I’d just push it down and hope that it would automatically stick, but it would not. I really had to lift a side of the base when pushing it down or, better, by pressing a side on the surface and simply applying let the rest in a gradual motion. It works very, very well, and it may just be my very best new shower friend. Especially with how flexible it is, moving the tip or positioning it for insertion does not really affect the stability of the base, and should not come off the wall easily.

There are several great things about the Raquel, but Vixskin is still the coolest feature. After giving it my first squeeze, I thought it was… tacky and squishy. But I had to try to figure out a better way to express and compare how it felt, because tacky and squishy is so broad that, in the end, it does not really say much. So I came up with another comparison, and it feels like skin moist from a dawning sweat that is not yet visible on the skin. You know, it’s when you feel sweaty sticky? I thought it was a good assessment until I found an even better one after keeping on fondling the Raquel. I eventually came up with a comparison that was perfect and naughty at the same time. It is so naughty that I was instantly turned on by the thought. It feels like wrapping your hand around the hardening shaft of a cock that you have just fucked when the drying juices are still gummy and a little cold. Yeah, well, just like that, but without the actual Shimmering Pink Vixskin Raquel fluids. That image is seriously hot, at least for me.

When I applied two drops of water-based lubricant silicone and then spread all over the surface of the Vixskin, the tackiness completely disappeared and somehow felt like smooth hydrated skin. Apparently, Vixskin was thirsty for some wetness, and was what it needed to really feel like skin while I was roaming the tips of my fingers gently over the surface. As you can see, I did caress this dildo for at least half an hour –now maybe an hour- before I could finally accept that pure silicone can feel like skin. After much testing, squeezing, stroking, and caressing, I think that the main difference between a real penis and the Vixskin products is that the core does not feel like spongy-tissue and the Vixskin does not slide up and down the shaft like a real penis. But seriously, how could it? However, the squishy softness of the head feels very much like that of a real penis and the feel of the surface, how it drags gently when it slides inside, feel pretty realistic and wonderful to me.

As I inserted the silicone dildo, it would shift gently to the side and get caught somewhere at the entrance of the vagina. I could not help but smile, since it’s what usually happens when I get sexual intercourse, and that brought fond old memories. I only had to reposition it slightly and it would slide in easily, and I had the impression that there was some kind of response delay to my thrusts between the core and the Vixskin, which made it feel even more realistic. Moreover, since silicone warms up quickly to the body’s temperature, it was all in all a quite a sensory experience. Ah yes, since Vixskin is a soft silicone, be careful not to make it come in contact with sharp objects or long nails.

From the beginning of this review, the Raquel stood proudly in front of me, and every time I pondered about what I was going to say next, I’d give it another friendly squeeze, and you know Vixskin Raquel Packagewhat? After stroking the shaft lovingly, I find myself surprised not to wrap my hand over a realistic penis head. Vixskin might be the only material that has actually made me wonder how great and/or mind-bending this material would look and feel with a realistic shape. Well yes, as long as it still has a funky color. Come on guys, you know me by now.

You can buy the Raquel directly at the online sex toy store at Vixen Creations as well as sex toy stores like Edenfantasys and Good Vibrations. I know it has a higher price tag than regular silicone, but if you are already going to buy a silicone toy, the extra that you’ll put in is ‘Worth Every Inch’. It comes in a plastic tube that I recommend for storage, and with a lifetime warranty.

Kynky Kytty

This item was received for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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