Thursday, June 24, 2010

Review of the Cal Exotics Tulip

After we buy a few vibrators, we often realize that there does not seem to be many vibration patterns that are really, really nice or good enough to give you an orgasm unless they are strong.  You may also get a toy with several vibe patterns and ending up liking one or two, because the others are too fancy and don’t do much for you. For a seemingly-simple looking toy, the Tulip surprised me very pleasantly in terms of vibration patterns, since I liked all of them for either teasing or getting an orgasm. Cal Exotics TulipSeriously, it does not have to be complicated, as long as they work.

The Tulip by California Exotics is a waterproof traditional vibrator with 7 vibration intensities, patterns and escalation. It is made of ABS plastic with a PU coating, making it velvety soft. (To know more about this material and how to care for it, click here.) My toy is pink, but it is also available in blue and in purple. The pink color is actually the same color as real tulips I’ve seen, and I thought it would have been cute if the stem was actually green. The toy is not recommended for anal play, since it does not have a flared based.

It is a sleek toy, since the bulb at the tip is 1” in diameter and that of the stem is ¾”. So someone Cal Exotics Tulip Tipwho has a preference for large toys may want to find another type of vibrator. The whole Tulip is 7 ½” long with 6 ½” of insertable length. However, I do not believe that most people trying this toy would want to push it that far inside and I actually found a much better use for that long stem. There is a small seam separating the tip from the shaft, which may give the impression that you can’t use it more than the first 2 ½”, but it’s really tight and can be washed easily.

At the base of the Tulip, there is a screw cap lid for the battery compartment, which fits 2 AAA batteries. The cap is textured, and makes it easy to open it and to close it tightly. You can go through the vibrations by clicking on the black button at the end, but there is no instant off Cal Exotics Tulip Capbutton. The Tulip is slightly louder than a standard bullet, depending on the vibration mode used. When the batteries are getting depleted with the Tulip, only the constant vibration modes are responding, which gives the impression that the toy is broken. In doubt, try new batteries.

The vibrations are:
1. Medium-low constant vibration.
2. Medium-strong constant vibration, very similar to that of a standard bullet.
3. High constant vibration.
4. Two medium one-second pulses, followed by a strong three-second pulse.
5. Quick instant pulses at the medium vibration intensity.
6. Slow pulses alternating between low - yes low - and medium intensity.
7. Gradual escalation from low to high.

I really liked this toy, especially the length of the shaft, but not for the most obvious reason. I  Cal Exotics Tulip Packaginghave mostly used this toy on my clitoris, my labia, the entrance of my vagina, and to tickle my g-spot. Where the length came in handy was that I could comfortably rest my hand against my inner thigh while I would masturbate with the toy. I did not have to stretch my arm too far and I was never this comfortable with a vibrator before. It’s a great feature really.

The Tulip comes in a plastic clam-shell display packaging, which is recyclable or could be used for storage, if you so desire. There is also some instructions to show in what direction goes the batteries (the + side heading towards the tip).

Thanks Cal Exotics for giving me this toy to review!

Kynky Kytty

This item was received for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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