Friday, July 2, 2010

Review of the Tantus Rascal

I like texture and I’ve been trying texture with toys a little larger than I’m used to lately, and one Tatnus Rascalthat I was really curious about was the Rascal by Tantus. I already loved the texture on the Purr, which is very similar, but the Rascal is slightly thicker and shorter. However, the ribbing is exactly of the same size, in case you’ve been wondering.

The Rascal is made of pure-premium platinum silicone, a medical-grade material that also shares the same attributes and requires the same care as any toys made of pure silicone. (To read more about pure silicone and care, click here.) It is a stubby ribbed dildo with a smooth well-rounded head, with a slight taper. It is about 4 ½” of insertable length and has a diameter of 1 ¾”. The ribbing only starts at 1 ½” from the tip, so you roughly get 3” of texture. It has a large base that makes it safe for anal play and harness compatible.

The surface of the dildo is very slick and the silicone is very firm with only the tiniest give to it, allowing the ribbing to really slide within the body, and make you feel every one of them. With a socket at the base for a standard bullet, the Rascal has a vibrating option, which is nice, but it’s not a feature I use frequently. Without the bullet, the Rascal’s shaft still feels very hard, and  it’s hard to tell that there is actually a hollow spot. There is only slightly more give in that area, but only when firm pressure is applied.

The ribbing is made of small waves that are close to one another and even if they don’t look that pronounced. The smooth tip also feels nice when you let the toy out to insert it again during play. The change between the smooth part and the ribbing gives more emphasis on the texture. The slightly tapered tip helps with insertion, especially when trying this toy anally, which I did. However, I feel like this type of texture for anal at this size may be too stimulating, and I could only go slowly or carefully. As a general rule, I discovered that I preferred softer textures for anal play, but then it’s me. Tantus Rascal and PurrIf you are going to play anally with it, make sure that you sanitize it before going back to vaginal play or use a condom when you do.

There is an advantage and a disadvantage to the shortness of this dildo. The advantage is that if you don’t like to feel pressure at the deepest area of your vagina, then you’ll be happy to know that it does not. However, considering that it’s got a ribbed texture, you are limited to more shallow thrusts in order to really feel it. So, at times, I did wish it was longer, especially since I could not feel the ribbing that well when I would move it in slow motion.

The bullet that came with my Rascal was DOA (Dead On Arrival). Not just the batteries themselves, but the bullet too. I had some issues with a malfunctioning bullet when I got my Buzz 1, so I decided to compare the two bullets and they had the same manufacturing and number inside the cap. As a result, I think they’ve been made a while ago and even if the dildo can last a lifetime, the provided bullet does not. Anyways, it’s a standard sized-bullet, and it can easily be substituted. For the price of the silicone products that come with a bullet, I am sure that we are not paying more than 1 or 2 dollars for the bullet, so… if yours is dead, just get a new one.

I replaced the bullet with one I got with another Tantus toy, my Purr, and put two large drops of water-based lubricant inside the socket at the base of the dildo. With the firmness of the material,  Rascal with Inserted Bulletthe vibrations of the bullet travelled very well through the dildo. I actually could not see a difference in vibration between the tip and the base of the toy. A vibrating Rascal feel very nice inside, and could gently stimulate the clitoris, but it would not have been enough to get a clitoral orgasm. The vibrations were moderate, but on the low side, and the noise level of the bullet would probably not be heard through a closed door, especially if it’s muffled with bed covers.

At first I thought it was interesting that there was such a wide area around the protruding tip of the bullet when it is inserted, and figured that it would help with removing the bullet. The first time that I placed the bullet in, I had enough lube, and when I squeezed on the dildo’s shaft, it came out like… a bullet. The second time when I inserted the bullet, I did not have enough lube in it, and the bullet stayed stuck. I tried to squeeze the dildo, grab a hold of the bullet, but Rascal Tantus Packagenothing. The only way I could remove the bullet, and this is where I found where there was a space around the bullet, is to place drops of water-based lube and move the silicone around so that the lube could get within the socket in order to remove it.

All in all, it’s a great toy, and I recommend it to anyone who likes some girth and texture. As for the length, it’s a question of personal choice, but I’m still undecided about really, really liking it, since most of the times, it’s not long enough for me. It came in a plastic bag, where there was some information about the quality of silicone and a mention that it was manufactured 100% green. You can get the Rascal or look at other dildos at this great sex store.

Kynky Kytty

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Dildo by Tantus
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Epiphora said...

Yeah I have the O2 Rascal and I feel like it's just a bit too short as well. It hits my G-spot, but I have to really ram it in there.

Kynky Kytty said...

So far, the Purr is still unquestionably my favorite toy. And I think I feel textures better when the toy is not too large. For something larger than the Purr, I really, really enjoyed the Rippler. You probably looked up my review already. :) I had a peak of visitors on that day.

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