Sunday, July 25, 2010

Review of the Love Lips

The Love Lips is a vibrating lipstick by Love to Love that is so discreet that it can be carried around inconspicuously. It is barely any larger than a regular lipstick and fits just as well in a purse.

The Love Lips is pretty much straightforward, you pull off the cap and you twist the base like a  IMG_0382regular lipstick. When the lipstick cap is on, the vibrator is 3” long and about ¾” wide. So it’s still quite small. The applicator is made of ABS plastic and the black part is coated with PU to give it a soft velvety feel. To read about the characteristics of plastic and how to care for it, click here. Note that this is not waterproof, and it needs to be wiped with the cleaning materials only.

When the pink lipstick is out, the single-intensity vibration is turned on. The intensity feels more like a low vibration than medium, and it’s slightly weaker than a bullet. It’s not the most silent toy, and while it is not particularly loud, it’s not silent either. It still would not be heard through a closed door when there is some background noise or music. The vibrator runs on a single AAA battery, which is also included.

I really had a hard time opening the battery compartment. I think it took over 10 minutes, and seriously, it’s not because I was completely clueless or something. When there is a battery in, the cap that needs to be twisted gets pushed by the battery and it’s really easy to remove. However, if there is no battery in, like the first time that you get this item, the cap is shut and when twisted, IMG_0367needs some help to be removed since it can get stuck diagonally in the opening. I eventually took a needle to poke it so that it would get out. As a result, I put the cap at the bottom of the small velvety pouch it came with before putting it away.

The pink lipstick part is what actually vibrates and it gets locked into position if you turn the base to the maximum. If you do not, the lipstick could go back in if you apply some pressure, and it would go off if it goes back in too much. What I would worry about this toy is that the lipstick part would get into the socket without being cleaned from apply some pressure, or if you IMG_0366quickly twist the base after using it directly on your body. Since this toy is not completely waterproof, it would make it really difficult, almost impossible, to really clean the housing of the lipstick. So essentially, you actually need to wipe it clean while it is turned on.

What I recommend as a solution is that since this vibrator is meant to be carried in public, that it should be used through clothing as a teaser, for you and your partner. Let’s say you are wearing a light summer dress, and that you find a more private place to be with your lover, take out the Love Lips as if you want to reapply some make up. Start at the lips, then slowly make your way down, teasing your nipples on the way, and make it fun to watch. The vibrations are pleasant wherever it is applied, but I would not consider it a full-blown clitoral vibrator, at least not for me.

The Love Lips comes in a pretty plastic box in shape of a heart. It’s a really cute package wIMG_0364ith an  presentation, but somewhat large for the size of the product itself. I usually throw away packages, and at first, I thought I might be able to give it to a young niece to play with. However, the descriptions of the product is printed at the back, and it does not make it that much of a discreet box.

I’d like to thank Good Vibrations for letting me review this toy for free.

Kynky Kytty

This item was received for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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