Monday, August 2, 2010

Reviewof the Doc Johnson Lustre Vibe

I was intrigued by the unusual diamond shape of the Lustre Waterproof Vibrator, or Twisted Heart Lust, by Doc Johnson, and and could not help but wonder how it felt. When I received this toy, the package also said that it was ‘designed by women, in shapes only a womaLustre Waterproof Vibratorn can truly appreciate’. Then, I was definitely curious about the performance of this vibrator considering that this was such an oddly-shaped toy, and came with such a bold claim.

The Twisted Heart is a waterproof vibrator that looks like the tip of an arrow, where the widest point is 2” large. Unlike regular toys, this one is not circular, and has an oblong circumference of 5 ½”. This wide area is actually what feels really good against the g-spot, as long as the toy stays in the right alignment. There is an insertable length of about 3 ½” and the whole toy is 6” long. The purple part of this toy is made of non-toxic, phthalates-free TPR, making this toy relatively firm. The parts where it was the most give are at the tip and at the sides of the widest part. Otherwise, the give is minimal. You can read about this material and how to care for it here.

The battery cap, made of ABS plastic, opens by twisting the white band right next to the TPR section. To turn on the vibrator, the heart-shaped plastic part has to be turned clockwise. By turning it even more, the vibrations gradually increase, but the range of vibrations is from medium-low to medium-strong. To shut it down, turn it counter-clockwise. The vibrator does not come with instructions, but the polarity signs for the 2 AAA batteries (not included) are identifiedTwisted Heart Lust once the cap is open.

The vibrations are felt a little bit more strongly in the very tip of the vibrator. What I did not like with this toy is that when it was inserted and that I would turn it on or increase the intensity, the toy would also turn. The first time I used it, my hands were full of lubricant, and I thought it was turning because everything was so slippery, but it did even if I was careful not to get the plastic part wet. So let’s say I wanted to use it like a g-spot vibrator, by turning it on, it would move sideways and I would have to replace it where I wanted. It is not a particularly negative point, but it was still slightly annoying.

So here’s the verdict… this is a good g-spot and vaginal vibrator, which also works well as a clitoral vibrator, but like I said it’s not perfect. Vaginally, whether the larger side is used vertically or horizontally, it’s going to feel good. In my case, it would hit the g-spot without stretching me much, which was an interesting feeling. I think most of the other toys that were good at hitting IMG_0343the g-spot felt much larger than this one. Besides, since I tend to prefer medium-sized toys, this one was an interesting find. There’s even more. Since the widest part has an oval shape, it felt much better than most regular smooth toys by the way it felt against the body when used horizontally. It would stretch sideways without pressing anything else, and the last time I experienced this, it was not with a toy. I also liked to set the flat side on my clitoris as I would apply some pressure, which would not affect the strength of the vibe. So, this is a good multipurpose toy that is sure to please somehow.

All in all, the claim is true, and I was myself quite surprised to experience sensations that I did not have with any other toys. You can also get this great toy from Good Vibrations.

Kynky Kytty

This item was provided for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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