Thursday, October 21, 2010

Review of the Sassy Swirl Squiggle

I received the Sassy Swirl Squiggle to review from Cal Exotics. If I could cover the essentials as an introduction, I’d say that it is a textured vibrator with 10 modes that can bend along the shaft and… even has a memory chip to remember the last pattern it was on.

The Squiggle is slightly larger than what I’d call a medium-sized toy. It has a total length of 8 1/2”, and 6 ½” of that is insertable. It has a diameter of 1 ¾ at the widest part at the head and at Sassy Swirlthe swirl texture, and had a 2” diameter near the base, at the wavy texture. The Sassy Swirl Squiggle is made of phthalate-free PVC, and it has a faint fruity smell that is only perceivable if held really close to the nose. It’s battery cap is made of ABS plastic. If you want to know more about PVC and how to care for it, click here.

The tip of the toy is quite firm and it requires some force to notice how the material can give. But then, since the motor is very close to the tip, it contributes to the firmness of the toy down to the swirl texture. The toy is also squishier in the middle part where it bends. When it comes to textures, I could not really feel the narrow lines running around the head, but I could definitely feel the swirl at the base of the head. I really had fun twisting the vibrator while thrusting. As for the wavy texture at the base, I can’t really tell because I was not able to insert it that far.

The vibrator works on three AAA alkaline batteries, which are not included. Once the cap is twisted open, it is clearly indicated in what position the batteries have to be put in inside the battery tray to make it work and in what direction the tray has to go in the battery compartment. There is only one way to close the battery cap or else it won’t power on; the embossed prints on the cap have to face away from the front of the toy. The vibrator is also waterproof, since it has a waterproof seal around the battery cap.

The bendy feature of the vibrator makes it possible to adapt the toy to your body if you so require. I was already fine with the shape of the toy, but I did play around with it. It can bend at an additional 45 degrees in any direction when some force is applied to make it bend, and will mostly Sassy Swirl Bending stay at that angle during use. I tried to change the angle while it was inserted, but all I seem to accomplish was pushing the toy on the walls of my vagina, and I quickly abandoned the idea.

At first I didn’t notice one of the control buttons was hollow and that the other was bumpy, and I would forget which of them would do what when I’d rotate the toy to feel the swirly texture. Once I got that part covered, everything went smoothly and I would not accidentally turn it off anymore. So the first button, button 1, is used to turn the toy on and to turn it off. The bumpy button, button 2, is to browse through the vibration patterns and to turn it on at the vibration mode that follows the one in memory. And after the first use, if you turn the toy on with button 1, the toy will vibrate at the last vibration mode used before it was turned off. So if at the second use you power on the toy with the button 2, you won’t realize what they meant by ‘memory chip’.

The 10 vibrations modes have 3 vibrations, 1 escalation and 6 pulsations, which I tried to describe, but even the ones that I described as low are still of a good vibration intensity that is close to being medium:

  1. Constant high
  2. Constant medium
  3. Constant low
  4. Low to high escalation at about 1 second interval
  5. Low very quick pulses
  6. High quick pulses
  7. Medium very quick pulses
  8. Low quick pulses
  9. High pulses of longer length
  10. Medium very quick pulses

When the vibration is active, there are lights at the tip of the battery cap that turn on and flicker according to the vibration mode, which is fancy but not very helpful for solo play. However, it Sassy Swirl Packagecould have its utility when it comes to showing the vibration patterns in a video, but it would not  show the intensity. Also, the vibrator is not particularly noisy and would not be heard through a door, but it’s not completely silent either.

All in all, this was a toy that I really enjoyed, especially for the firmness of the head and the intensity of the vibrations. It’s simple to use and the memory feature is fun. Only the size might not make this toy beginner friendly, but if that’s what you’re looking for, then it’s a good toy.

I would like to thank Cal Exotics for giving me this toy to review. You can soon purchase the Squiggle at this sex toy store I trust.

Kynky Kytty

product picture
G-spot vibrator by California Exotic
Material: PVC

This item was received for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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