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Review of the Book Caught Looking

I already knew that voyeurism and exhibitionism was a turn on for me when I decided to review Caught Looking Coverthe book Caugh Looking and I really enjoyed it, from the very first page to the last. It’s not just because I liked the theme of the book, but there was no stories that was stereotypical or boring. Any location or theme used in this book was done very skillfully so that they would have original twists to make them unique and special. Yes, you’ll know there will be sex and someone looking somehow, but this book will have a few surprises along the way.

The book is a collection of 20 stories, and is edited by Alison Tyler and Rachel Kramer Bussel. With its 224 pages, the anthology is a little longer than most erotic novel I’ve had so far, but I completely devoured the book, and I actually wish it was longer. The authors who contributed with a story to the collection are:

Thomas S. Roche – Curtain Call
Saskia Walker – Room with a View
Radclyffe – A Flash of Gold
M. Christian – All Eyes on Her
Tara Alton – Walled Lake Girl
Debra Hyde – Tight Spots
Tenille Brown – Replacements
Catherine Lundoff – The Changing Room
Stan Kent – My Finest Hour
Kristina Wright – The Stars Fell Down
Erica Dumas – Couples Welcome
Sophie Mouette – Busted
Heather Peltier – X-ray Specs
Dominic Santi – Forceful Personalities
Simon Sheppard – The Poet, Dying
Teresa Noelle Roberts – Command Performance
Sage Vivant – The Key
Shanna Germain – Down on Your Knees
Alison Tyler – Late Bloomer
Rachel Kramer Bussel – Sharing the Perfect Cock

I hesitated for a while whether or not I could give detailed descriptions about what happens in Inside Caught Lookingerotic short stories, like who, what, where, and whom. However, since some elements like that could be a spoiler in some stories, and I decided not to. I’m sorry, I’ll go with the general description of what you might expect somewhere in the anthology. I can still say that my two favorite stories were about voyeurism. The first one is My Finest Hour by Stan Kent and Sharing the Perfect Cock by Rachel Kramer Bussel. In both there stories, an individual watched his or her partner have sex with a third. Very sexy, at least to me.

The point of view changes from one story from another and is mostly written from a female perspective. As for the voyeurism and exhibitionism content, it’s pretty much divided equally among the stories. There are essentially 11 stories where the point of view is that of the exhibitionist and 9 for the voyeur. As for the locations, they are quite varied, and include a few windows, peep holes, parking lots, cars, changing rooms, a roof, a back alley, showers, bedrooms and hotel rooms. If you care to know, I did notice some minor alcohol use in the book, no drugs and two stories containing adulterous activity.

So most of all the stories are about straight couples and very few are about gays and lesbians. Caught Looking BackOne point that I found interesting is that not all threesomes are the regular one guy two girls, but three women or men can be found in the same room. The sexual activity stays pretty much in the safe zone and on top of my head without going through all the pages, there is no BDSM or anything particularly kinky beyond voyeurism/exhibitionism. Even without that, this book is without hesitation the most erotic collection I’ve had the chance to read from Cleis Press.

So if you are excited by voyeurism and exhibitionism, you’ll love this book as well. And with how sexual this book is, I’d say that the theme needs to be a total turn off for anyone not to enjoy it as well. This book is sure staying in my collection, and you can get your own at this sex toy store as well.

Kynky Kytty

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Book by Collection of Stories by Various Authors
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