Sunday, November 14, 2010

Review of the Jollies Jollet

I’ve been curious about the shape of the Jollet for a while now and I figured it was time that I’d IMG_0675try it. And seriously, I have no regret, this is a very good sex toy, even if it is not perfect.

The dildo is made of pure premium platinum silicone and is surprisingly firm (read about silicone and how to care for it here).You really have to apply strong pressure for the material to give, and you might as well consider it hard. The toy can only be slightly bended at the section with the two nudges above the base. The toy is 7 1/2” long, has 6” of insertable length, but when the first 4” are inserted, it feels like the piece of a puzzle just fit into place.

IMG_0674It’s vaguely realistic, but the toy’s resemblance to a real penis is only limited to the slight presence of a head. The shaft of the Jollet is oblong, and had a major bulge right underneath the head that is awesome for feeling filled and for g-spot stimulation. The base is heavily textured and has indents, almost making it look like a large flower, that provides and excellent grip for playing. However, the “petals” are not that ergonomic or particularly comfortable, so you may have to try several hand positions to find one that works for you.IMG_0653

There is also a two-inch-deep socket at the base of the dildo that is NOT made for a standard-sized bullet, but only a mini-bullet. With how firm the dildo was, I had placed three large drops of water-based lubricant and inserted a regular bullet. It went in, but I could not get it out. I had to use a hair pin to break the suction effect at the bottom of the socket and be able to remove it. Not only did it take a while, but the pressure broke the bullet. Considering that I wanted to try this dildo with the Iconic Bullet… I am not very happy with the end result.

Without being wide all along the length of the shaft, this toy felt just as good as the filling size of the Super, which is large from everywhere. The toy has a circumference of about 7 ½” at the largest point. And the good point is I could use the Jollet without needing more than a very short IMG_0648warm up of a few seconds. It was fun warming up with the toy itself and letting the wide head slide along my clit and labia, which somehow left like a tongue lick, but with a smoother surface. Ideally, I suppose that this toy is best used for solo play, since the specific shape and size of this toy might not be ideal for when a partner is driving it. It hits the g-spot so well that it could hit it too hard if you are not careful.

The package is minimal, and I wish it could include the information about the bullet compatibility. Instead, the package only mentions the company name, the toy name and that it is made of silicone. Still, I like that it is recyclable.

You can get your own at this sex shop I trust.

Kynky Kytty

product picture
Dildo by Jollies LLC
Material: Silicone
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