Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Review of the Furry Cuffs

The Fetish Fantasy Series Beginner Cuffs, or Furry Cuffs, are a set of metal cuffs padded around the wrist for comfort. Their first utility is very obvious and they are meant to be used for bonding a person’s wrists together for all types of fun activities. However, they can surely Furry Cuffsbe used for more than that, like getting a second set to be able to tie a partner to the bedposts, but then try not to break or scratch anything when you are trying to struggle, right?

The price is very affordable and it is a very strong set of cuffs. My cuffs came with a pink velvety tube of thick plushy fabric that covered them, but it comes in other colors, like red. They’re made of metal and when you remove the plush padding, they really do look like police cuffs. I’m not an expert in police handcuffs, and I’m sure someone more familiar with those would identify specific differences between the products, but at a first glance, they really do look the part, and they’re bad ass. Although this is a very robust set of wrist cuffs, this is not made of stainless steel and it could rust if it’s not dried up carefully after it comes in contact with water.

As for the padding, they do improve the comfort level of the Hand Cuffs, as long as you do not Furry Cuffsmove much and that they are not adjusted too tight. The most comfortable position is when you are tied up with your hands and pushing against the padding so that you are not in contact with the metal. Not that the metal is particularly painful, but the edges are straight and it’s obviously not as nice as the fabric. But being able to use the cuffs without the velvety faux fur is good when you want to play a little more seriously, as long as you remember that it might be uncomfortable during long-term wear.

They come with a set of two keys, but even if you do happen to lose them, there is a quick release lever on the cuffs that makes it possible to remove them without any keys. Actually, if you take a second to see how they work, you can see that all the key is doing is to press on the lever from the inside to open the mechanism. This is a good thing for any sort of play as you never know when you might need to get out of them quickly, and it’s a feature that I really do like.

Furry CuffsThe set is not perfect either, because the graduated section does not always directly lock in the mechanism so that when you try to put them on, it moves sideways a little. It did require some minor alignment while closing the cuffs, and so you can’t expect to be able to just close it with a swift move like they do in movies. It’s not that big a deal and you can still manage to put them on your partner with your eyes closed once you get the hang of it.

You can get those Adult Toys at Theirtoys, who have given me this accessory for review.

Kynky Kytty

This item was received for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines

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