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Review of the Book He’s On Top

He's on Top is a very good book about male dominance and female submission. It presents a softer side to the dominant male that goes beyond the stereotypical dominant that may be depicted in other stories. Forget about the ruthless master, and be prepared to see caring lovers that like to roughen up a loving bottom, in more ways than one.

The stories are all about heterosexualIMG_1168 couples who like it kinky and explore their sadomasochist ways through nipple clamps, paddles, whips, spanking, and maybe worst of all, being told not to come - you should try that one, it's not as easy as it sounds. And while it is about heterosexual couples, there is also a few stories where there are two women in the stories. There is the usual sexual activities, and I'd say a little bit more anal sex going on in this book than in those I've read lately. It's something I like.

There is also a variety of narrating style, including the normal third and first person narrators (of both genders), and a few second person ones as well. The narrator isn't always the dominant or the submissive, for instance, the narrator of Not Until Dawn, by N. T. Morley, is the submissive talking directly to the reader, her dom, and we're making her wait all night for her to come. I think it makes a very good introduction to this book, and goes straight into the heart, and heat, of the matter. The story Yes has a similar narrator, except that it is written from the male and reader perspective.

The stories are:
Not Until Dawn – N. T. Morley
Incurable Romantic – Lisabet Sarai
Seizing Monica – Debra Hyde
Confession – Gwen Masters
Yes – Donna George Storey
In Control – M. Christian
A Good Reference – Mackenzie Cross
Boardroom Etiquette – Lee Ash
The Sun Is an Ordinary Star – Shanna Germain
On the Twelfth Day… - Andrea Dale
Thrill Ride – Matt Conklin
Catherine When She Begs – Jason Rubis
Brianna’s Fire – Amanda Earl
Christmas with Suzy and Mary – Mike Kimera
Reclaiming – Teresa Noelle Roberts
Late for a Spanking – Rachel Kramer Bussel
Schoolgirl and Angel – Thomas S. Roche

I think the most touching story is The Sun Is an Ordinary Star, which is the story of a long-married couple who had been struggling with cancer, and yet rediscover their sexuality. I do not want to give a lot of details, but their regained confidence is a beautiful thing to see, and might make you wipe a tear from your eyes. Except for the focus on the nipple clamps, it's a story I would have easily seen in the book Passion, by the same editor.

I think the one I enjoyed least was On the Twelfth Day, but only because it contained too much activity and themes, and was master of none. The settings and the activities are erotic, but not exploited deeply enough. So as soon as I started to get excited by the situation, it would shift to something else. It's not because it is badly written, and I can understand that it is part of the style, but I just want a little bit more, please? Still, it is an interesting story to show how you could initiate someone gradually to BDSM.

This book isn't all about power and pain, but also knows how to show that doms care about their submissive female while being in control. If the submissive females are excited and in awe by being controlled and at the mercy of a good and strong dominant, we also discover how they can also be fascinated, feel special and under the charm of their feminine partner. All in all, you get to see a softer side that makes you somewhat wish you could make a dom proud. And the best part of this anthology is that respect could be felt in every story, and nothing ever felt like abuse.

So, if you are curious and new to BDSM, whether as a submissive woman or even a dominant male, and want to have a better insight on how domination can be incorporated in a positive relationship, you'll definitely find yourself longing for some action of your own. This is definitely a great erotic book to have, and you can also get a copy at this great sex store I trust

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