Monday, September 5, 2011

Review of the Large Dichroic Spiral

I’ve had the Dichroic Spiral, or Dichroic Wrapped G-Spot, for almost two years now, and it was one of the first toys I got at Edenfantasys among other goodies. It’s one of my most cherished toys, and I love it. So it was finally due that I would give it its review. Just to be clear I’m IMG_1253 reviewing the 1.5” version, since I have the Cobalt blue version of the smaller one.

As you look at this beautiful glass toy, the first thing that you notice is the rainbow colors that are reflected by the dichroic metal inside the wraps. As they are handmade, this pretty effect changes from one toy from another and makes every one of them unique. This toy can stand upright since the base is completely flat, which will give a nice erotic view if there is a partner driving it. The word Phallix can be read at the bottom when the toy is oriented towards the g-spot. IMG_1255

On the product page, the given 1.5” size for the diameter is measured with the wraps and corresponds also to the size of the head. The size of the shaft alone is 1.25” and the entire toy is 7.5” long (in a direct line). It’s not all that large, but the head might feel like it is, as it’s got no give at all.

This is the largest glass beauty of my collection and I appreciate it for the way that the wraps are low and not particularly pronounced. Yes, the toy is large, but the texture won’t hurt or be too much. If you want more details about borosilicate glass, how to care for it and play with temperature, click here. When washing, make sure to pay extra attention to the two lines running along the head and a small hollow area at the IMG_1254very tip.

When playing with this dildo, the head is sure to hit the g-spot and all the wraps will give it a little poke as well. One of the things I also like is to look at the toy when it’s going in and out, and to let the wraps slide over the clitoris when the head is about to get out. Note that since the Phallix toys are handmade, there will be some variations in the curve of the shaft from a toy to another and how the wraps are placed; theyIMG_1257 ultimately are very similar, and will be as pleasurable.

This dildo is one of the very rare Phallix toys that DOES come with a well-padded velvet pouch, the 7” Pleasure Pouch, probably because it would not fit in their regular plastic case. If you want more details about that storage bag, the review is also available on the site. I got this toy at this sex toy store I trust, and so should you.

Kynky Kytty

product picture
Glass G-spot shaft by Phallix
Material: Pyrex Glass

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I'm so glad it links to your review on your blog! So many reviews wont, because EF has this block that prohibits it. I was so relieved to be able to read your blog review.

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