Saturday, February 20, 2010

Alone on Valentine’s Day, But Not Sorry

Even as a single girl, I took advantage of the weekend and I took some time to myself and went to a nice restaurant with relatives.

For several reasons, I do not feel really sorry that I am single and that I have not been able to celebrate this day with a lover. Why? Simple because this day can really be disappointing with a lover even if you do not expect much.

I know some people really expect large things to happen or be organized on that special holiday, but I never did. I learned from my experience that even expecting to spend that day with the loved one may be asking for too much.

The first time that I spend a Valentine’s Day with a boyfriend was with my very first one. It was a Thursday, and he called me at my place and wished me a Happy Valentine’s Day. That was it. He did not plan anything on the following weekend and I was naive enough to think that it was all right or that everything was fine between us.

I do not think we were in love, and I suppose that I must not really be surprised that he did not bother to do something special with me. Now that I can really look back, I think he tried to give me reasons to leave him. I did not and he eventually took the courage to leave me without hurting my feelings too much.

The following time that I was with someone for Valentine’s Day was with my last boyfriend, and I made sure that it would be a night to remember. I wanted to make up for my first lousy Valentine’s Day. I organized everything and we had a blast. We had the whole stereotypical night, fancy restaurant, hotel room, chocolate, lingerie, all-night-long sex. At least I can say that I at least had a memorable Valentine’s Day in my life.

I do not think I can be blamed for wanting something a little romantic for a change. I mainly wanted something special at least once. It’s just that I am not well-versed in romantic things and it’s the best I could come up with. I do not expect my other Valentine’s Day to be like that, but at least that if I spend Valentine’s Day with a partner, we’ll do something that makes our day unforgettable even if we don’t even leave the house.

I hope you had a good one,

Kynky Kytty

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