Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Moment of Silence… for my Layaspot

Tonight, as I was playing and enjoying my toys, I had an unpleasant surprise. My favorite vibrator died. It was a magenta and pearly rose Layaspot that I have had for almost 5 years now. It served me faithfully and reliably until now. It will be somehow missed.

At first, I thought that the new type of batteries I put in recently were too cheap and that they died really quickly. And yet, I knew from experience that dying batteries did not just stop working from full force to nothing… I could hear a very faint buzz and the red light beneath the push buttons was still on. Odd.

I had two options to test what the trouble was. The first one was to try new batteries in and the second one was to try the batteries in another vibrator. I tried the batteries in a second vibrator and everything worked perfectly well. So I looked sadly at my loyal Layaspot, and put it in the sex toy recycling box along with the silicone Epicurean Rose. 

However, the main disappointment I had tonight was that I had to interrupt a nice orgasm to get another vibe. I was too lazy to finish by hand. So I took the vibrator with the inserted batteries, my vanilla and baby blue Layaspot to get the job done.

Yes, yes. I had two. Yes, call me crazy, call me a freak, but I had a second vibrator in stock just in case. I had a feeling that this would happen one day or another and I had taken steps to make sure that the death of my Layaspot would not catch me off guard. And it did not.

And yet, I am pretty sure I began to use the pink Layaspot mercilessly since I knew I had a back up one. In that case, I am mostly responsible for the untimely death of this toy. Oh well, that’s just too bad that the only thing I will be missing is that pretty pink color.

I’ll just have to make friends with the blue one now… Like now.

Kynky Kytty

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Crystal Girl said...

Good girl!!

We always deserve to have our fun and orgasms!!!
Back ups welcome.

Happy Valentines Day, Kynky Kytty

You go girl!!

JonsBabydoll said...

That was really smart to have a backup!!!

Although five years is great for a sex toy. Especially one that gets used a lot.

Kynky Kytty said...

The funny part is that I bought the back up only two months ago. :D Just in time.

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