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Review of the Pipedream Heart Warmer

I bough a really nice heat massager product, the Heart Warmer Massager, at this sex toy shop and with a simple process, you get a warm massager for about 30 minutes. This massager can be used for applying heat over sore muscles, to relieve menstrual cramps, as a source of heat when you are freezing outside, as part of a nice massage, or as hot-cold play during foreplay.

In order to get a heating heart, you need to flex a thin metal circle within the heart. Bending the metal circle within the heart starts an exothermic reaction. That’s just the scientific way of saying that the chemical reaction is releasing heat. When the metal circle is flexed, crystals will form from the metal and spread throughout the heart while releasing heat. You have to soften the heart by breaking down the crystals inside. The metal circle cannot be seen of felt easily in the heart unless you are actively searching for it. The heart will remain pliable for at least 10 minutes, but will start to harden as it is slowly losing heat. When it is completely cold, the heart will be really hard.

The heat produced by the heart is not too hot and can reach 54C/129F. Applying the heat massager gives a very nice sensation of warmth similar to when you enter a very warm shower and that you relax all over. It is comfortably very warm unless you are handling it with cold hands, and in that case, you will feel a burning sensation. Here again, I can compare it when you enter that same warm shower and your feet would feel like burning if they were cold. The instructions say that you can prolong the heat by placing the heart in a towel, but I did not. The heart is about 5” by 5” and fits in one’s hand.

When the heart is used as a massager, I recommend that you use massaging oils to make the heart slide better over the skin. If you look at the edges of the heart, they tend to lean towards a side of the heart, and I suggest that you make them face away from the skin to prevent any scratches. You can wash the surface with soap and water after use.

The best part with the product is that is reusable. To reverse the chemical reaction, the heart needs to be given back the heat that was released. In order to do so, the heart must be put in a pan with boiling water for 10 minutes until all the crystals have dissolved back into a liquid. It is important that the heart does not come in contact with any metal and this is why it is said in the instructions to place a towel to protect the heart and to use tongs to retrieve the heart. And do not put it in the microwave. Should the heart ever pierce, the liquid should not be ingested.

The plastic will be very supple and any sharp object could pierce it. I did not have any tongs so I used a melamine slotted spoon with draining holes. I think the most important thing is to make sure that you do not spill boiling water as you take it out to prevent any injuries. The heart is not burning hot when it is removed from the boiling water and can be handled with hands. It will just be slightly warmer than when you activated it. It also retains the heat from the water for a very long time, even longer than when the heat is released with the metal circle. So, feel free to take advantage of that heat as you wish.

Until the heart is at room temperature again, it is not possible to start the reaction again by flexing the metal circle. Since the heart is still warm, the exothermic reaction is cancelled. I tried when the heart was still very warm from the boiling water, and I saw a very thin formation of crystals that would dissolve back into a liquid. Later on, I saw some crystals forming like a salt deposit in that heart, but I wonder if it’s because I had flexed the piece of metal or if I had not left it in the boiling water long enough. In any case, a few minutes more in boiling water, and the crystals were gone.

The Heart Warmer comes in a selection of three colors, red, pink and purple. I bought a few of them for me and to make gifts among my friends and my family. Since I had access to all the colors, I thought it would be interesting to speak about them:

The pink one is much prettier in person than what I expected: it is a bright girly pink and I was happily surprised by the difference. The plastic is transparent and you can clearly see the metal circle. The pink heart goes from a transparent pink to an opaque pink once the crystals have formed.

The red one is slightly different than the other two, because the plastic is not transparent and is what gives the heart the red color. So the opacity of the heart does not change much when the crystals are activated. Here again, the red heart is much more vivid in person. It is a perfect color to give to a lover.

The purple one looks more like a dusty pink than purple at any time, whether active or not. If someone really wanted the same shade of purple than in the item description, I am sure they would be disappointed. It also becomes opaque when the crystals have formed. Notwithstanding that it was supposed to be a bright purple, the dusty pink is a really nice color. This one I was going to give to my grandmother and I believe it is more appropriate than bright purple, candy pink or passionate red.

They all come in a firm cardboard box with a picture of the selected product, pink, red or purple. The instructions are written on the back of the box and also in the very thin plastic in which the heart is wrapped inside the box. I recommend that you keep the box for storage, to prevent the heart from activating by knocking it with another toy by accident or to keep the surface away from any sharp objects.

It is less than 10$ and for what you get at that price, it’s a steal.

Have fun!

Kynky Kytty

product picture
Massager by Pipedream
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