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Review of the PHS Pet Vibrator

I found this adorable Pet Vibrator, from PHS International at this cool sex shop. It is a textured non-realistic silicone vibrator that looks like a baby seal. It is meant for vaginal play, but also feels wonderful on the clitoris, the labia, nipples and other external stimulations. This toy does not have a base and is absolutely not intended for anal use. The handle becomes very slippery if there is some lubricant on it and it is impossible to use it for anal play in a safe manner.

The insertable part is made of silicone, a phthalate-free non- porous material with no taste or smell. The silicone part is matted, soft and velvety. It can attract a little bit of lint but not as much as my other silicone toys. The tip is slightly curved to define the nose of the toy. The tip is textured with whiskers and tiny holes, and they feel Pet Vibrator Lavender very nice when rubbed against the clitoris. Since the toy is girthy, the curved tip will also hit the g-spot easily. There are four well-defined wavy ribs that are wrapped around the shaft, and they are easily felt during shallow thrusts.

This vibrator is sizeable, and it is not for beginners. At the widest points, the head of the vibrator has width of 1.75” and narrows down slightly to a shaft of 1.5”. The total length is 6” and, when measured from the tip to the control button, it has an insertable length of 3.25”.

The silicone is firmer than most other silicone toys and barely has any give to it. It seems like the silicone cover is very thin and sits almost directly on the motor, located in the head of the vibrator. At the level of the shaft, the thinness of the silicone is particularly felt in a few locations where there are some hollow areas underneath it. There is a little more give in the shaft than in the tip. The recommended lubricant for a silicone toy is a water-based one, or the integrity of the silicone could be compromised.

The bottom part of the vibrator is made of plastic and has a plastic faceted gem at the end. It’s pretty but the end of a screw can be seen right in the middle of the transparent plastic. It is easily seen when you are observing the crystal, but is not particularly noticeable unless you are looking directly at it. The plastic is very smooth and polished, and becomes very slippery when it is wet. It would have been nice if some silicone had been used over that part to have a better grip.

This vibrator functions with 3 AAA batteries. They are inserted in a plastic tray that can be removed from the battery compartment. The plus and minus signs in each slots are only embossed in the Open cap material and are a little hard to see. It’s more practical if you know by experience that the minus side of the battery goes on the metal spring. When you insert the small tray back in the compartment, make sure to insert the side with the metal flaps first.
The control button is not placed at a very handy location. When the toy is inserted, at least for me, the button was right at the entrance of the vagina. For some women, the button might be inserted, and have the disadvantage of losing access to the button during use. However, since the button is part of the silicone cover, it will still be easy to wash after use.

The button On/Off controls the power and shuffles through the four vibration patterns. A clear dry click can be heard whenever the On/Off button is pressed. Pressing on it once will start the rotation between the four patterns:
  1. The first one is a strong constant vibration.
  2. The second one is a strong pulsing vibration.
  3. The third one is a strong drum roll or quick pulse vibration.
  4. The fourth and last one is a series of three one-second vibrations followed by a long eight-second one with the same intensity of the first pattern.
I can compare the second and third vibrations to the patterns of an automatic rotating water sprinkler. Pushing the button a fifth time will turn it off.

This vibrator is not waterproof since the battery cap is not particularly tight and does not have a seal. If you shake the vibrator you will hear the battery cap moving very slightly. It is said to be splashproof, but I would not feel comfortable with bringing it into the shower with me. It is easy –too easy– to get the battery cap open. Being splashproof is only useful when you need to wash the silicone and the handle parts. There are two arrows that you can use to close the battery cap. You have to push the cap down and twist clockwise to lock it into position. Next to the alignment arrows are the words Open and Close on each side with smaller arrows that indicate how to turn the cap to open or close it.

The silicone sleeve is not firmly attached or glued to the motor and can be quite noisy if it vibrates loosely. The noise is automatically dimmed during vaginal use, and it’s during any other use that it can be particularly loud. Touching the silicone part with your fingers will considerably muffle the noise and tone it down to a more tolerable level. If you don’t, the volume of the vibrations could be heard through a door.

Just like any other sex toys, you have to wash it before and after each use. You can wash this toy with an antibacterial sex toy cleaner or with soap and warm water. You can also sterilize it by wiping it with a 10% bleach solution. If you want to share and do not want to sterilize it before and after use, you can easily cover it with a condom and still have access to the control button. Just note that you may have to focus on the textures on the tip during cleaning to make sure it’s thoroughly cleaned.

The vibrator comes in a see-through plastic shell with a grey and 001lavender background. There is a small picture of a happy couple on top of the package. It’s not tacky, but it’s not fancy. Three AAA batteries are included in the package, but no instructions are provided, except for the indicators left on the toy itself.

I really like this vibrator and have been enjoying it over and over again. I love how it looks and I was not disappointed by its performance. This is definitely the strongest vibrator I have that is extremely pleasing for both vaginal and clitoral play. When used vaginally, the head is quite filling and automatically hits the g-spot. The vibrations are surprisingly strong and easily felt for a silicone vibrator, and I can only assume it’s because of the thinness of the material. It’s awesome. The ridges are amazing during shallow thrusts. Since the plastic part does not have much grip, I’m just careful not to get my fingers wet.

When I used this toy on my clitoris, the vibrations were strong enough that I did not have to try to find a spot where the vibrations were more concentrated. This vibrator was even strong enough to excite me when tried to tease my nipples with it. Considering that I have never been particularly sensitive in my nipple area, this was a really good thing. This is performing so well for me that I can forgive all its imperfections.

This is not for a beginner and this toy would be a gamble all around. In order to like this toy, you need to know what you like with your toys. This is girthy –remember the 1.75” width– with well-defined textures on the shaft. If you are not certain this is something you like, you may have to try with a smaller toy. The vibrations are stronger than those of vibrators that run on 2 AA or 2 AAA batteries and if you also wonder what the next step in terms of vibration strength is, you need to consider this one.

It is available in blue, pink and lavender. Since it looks like a baby seal, it would be the cutest thing ever if it was available in white.

Kynky Kytty

product picture
Traditional vibrator by PHS International
Material: Silicone
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.
The product was provided for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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