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Review of the Book Red Hot Erotica

The Red Hot Erotica book, edited by Alison Tyler is a collection of stories with one thing in common, heat and passion. Heat as in, it’s really hot outside. With such a title, my first impression with this book was that it would be more explicit than another book I’ve read that was also edited by Alison Tyler, but it was not the case. Still, this paperback book of 178 pages Red Hot Erotica contains 19 interesting and exciting short stories.

The authors who participated in this collection are Marilyn Jaya Lewis, Saskia Walker, N. T. Morley, Shanna Germain, Glenda Woodams, Rakelle Valencia, Dominic Santi, Naomi Sussman, Bill Noble, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Marie Sudac, Thomas S. Roche, Somine Harlow, Michel Hemmingson, Bryn Haniver, Erica Dumas, Emilie Paris, Tsaurah Litzky, and Alison Tyler.

With such a theme, there is pretty much no limit to the content of the stories. The settings vary greatly, since things can be pretty much hot and sweaty everywhere. It can be a pool, a boat, a limousine, a classy house, a swinger’s club, a shabby cabin, the beach, and the desert. I know it’s not the whole list, but it gives a good idea that it’s not repetitive.

As for the content of the stories, I’m also stumped here due to the great variety of the short stories. The book pretty much touches everything that can turn someone on. There are one-on-one heterosexual, gay and queer couplings, as well as some group sex. As for the type of activities, there’s voyeurism, exhibitionism, some light BDSM, strap on play, oral sex, and some more hot steamy sex and slightly kinkier things, such as a golden shower. Even if the stories all had something special to turn me on at some point, not everything did and not from beginning to end. People may be warned that even if it’s not uncommon to find alcohol use in some erotica, there is also a tiny bit of drug use in this one.

I do not usually notice the narrating of short stories and focus on the content, but there was so many changes in narrating that I could not help but feel the switch whenever I started a new story. Was I woman, was I man, was I describing what I saw, or what I felt? It’s a mix of everything, and adds a colorful note to the overall diversity. There was some first-person point of view from both male and female perspectives, third-person narrators, and even as second-person perspectives. In those second-person narrated stories, the gender can either be male or female, meaning that if the gender is not yours, the experience is somewhat mind-bending and yeRed Hot Eroticat compelling.

Even if the stories very well-written and original, I sometimes had a hard time getting into some of the stories and stay focused. However, I can’t put all the the blame on the stories since I was reading it when there was a huge heat wave in my area. Without air conditioning, I could easily relate to the protagonists. Too much so, actually, and not in a good way as I did kind of wish they’d suddenly find an igloo in which they would have sex.

So, all in all, I think this is a perfect book for anyone new to reading erotica and does not know yet what turns them on in terms of fantasies The book does not specifically target a type of reader, and everyone, gender and sexual identity aside, should find something that they like in this book. For the people who are afraid that all stories include burning and fiery metaphors to express passion, the hotness of this book is more linked to the settings themselves. There is some words related to the word ‘Heat’, yes, but it’s hardly noticeable.

It may be good to mention that all books purchased at sex shop I trust are carefully wrapped in a plastic bag to present any wrinkling of pages, and comes in a pristine and odorless condition (except for the clean smell of paper).

Kynky Kytty

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