Monday, August 30, 2010

Review of the Silicone Explorers

The Sinclair Institute Select Silicone Explorers is a set of three small-sized silicone butt plugs or probes that are made to be controlled by a finger. The sizes range from tiny to small, where the largest one is similar in size to the regular beginner-friendly butt plug. So they are far from being intimidating, especially to someone who is completely new to anal play. 

The sex toys are made of pure premium silicone, which is somewhat firm, but bendy in the thinner areas. The silicone feels very silky. If you want to know more about caring for a Silicone Explorers silicone toy, click here. The hardly perceivable seams along the toy have been carefully trimmed so that they would not be felt during use. There are really no sharp edges to any of the plugs, and the change in sizes along the insertable part is so gradual that it’s actually hard to feel it. The tips are small and help with guiding the toy for penetration as long as enough lubricant is used.

Their sizes are:
Pink: 2” long with ½” diameter
Green: 2.5” long with ¾” diameter
Blue: 3” long with 1” diameter

Unlike regular butt plugs, the anal explorers do not have a base, and this is why it is very important not to use them without having a good grip on them. The loop at the base is where you need to slip your finger. It helps to lube your finger with a water-based lubricant before inserting the finger in it, but you do not want to make it too slippery in case you lose your grip on it during use. The main disadvantage I found with this set is the size of the finger handle, which has an unstretched diameter of 7/16”. I consider that I have small fingers, and I can barely fit a finger in  them past the first articulation. The only finger I can completely fit in those loops is my pinkie and I could tell right away that the blood flow was interrupted. The silicone can be stretched, but most people, mostly women, will still only be able to insert a fingertip in there, and it is more problematic for male fingers. Besides, the blue one can be less stretched than the others, since the loop is thicker than the other two.

Silicone Explorers Base 2However, it is still possible to use this set without being able to insert a finger in them. Why, you may ask? Well, here’s the thing: you can use this set to create a base for each of the plugs. For instance, if you lube up the pink plug, you can insert it in the other two’s handle so that it acts as a base. I also found a way to create a base for the pink one, so you would still be able to use it, but it requires a LOT of lubricant so that you can slip the pink one over the insertable part of the green one and add some more to be able to remove it after use. Obviously, it was not made to be used this way, but it works and will make up any insecurity that you may have by not having a firm fingertip grip on the loop. I guess it pays to be especially practical and inventive.

I really like the colors of this set, and I’ve rarely seen this shade of green in silicone. I suppose that with the pretty colors, this set is designed more to a female audience and that, as a result, it would make sense that the finger loops are not particularly large. Since I thought that it would be cool to have a partner play with me with this set as part of a warm up that would lead to anal IMG_0457sex, I would have liked this set to accommodate larger fingers. I’m glad I found ways to bypass this drawback, since I really thought that I would be the only one to be able to use it on me or on a partner. Still, my main recommendation is for women who want to slowly and gently experiment with anal play on themselves alone or on their partner. And if you don’t mind playing around with this set to provide a makeshift base for these plugs, then there is no real limitations to the person who can use this.

The presentation of the box is really clean and sober with images of the toys on the sides. Within the box is a plastic display and useful information about caring about them is also provided on the box.

You can also find on Facebook, where you can ‘Like’ them to stay on top of new releases, contests, and promotions.

Kynky Kytty

This item was received for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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