Sunday, September 5, 2010

Review of the Couture Collection Amante

I was given the Couture Collection Amante to review by Cal Exotics, and I was really excited about this product. The concept of a wireless remote control egg had always interested me, and it is the first remote controlled toy that I had the chance to try. Since I am single, I required the help of very cooperative volunteers, which I shall not name, for the benefit of this review.  

IMG_0469The egg of the Couture Collection Amante is made of premium Japanese medical grade silicone, and is 2 ½” long with a diameter of 1 ¼”. The firm surface is firm and matte, which helps keeping the toy inside if lubrication is kept to a minimum for insertion. The flexible retrieval cord of 3” is hardly noticeable during any activity. The ergonomic remote is 3” long and made of smooth PC plastic. It has two buttons, one for automatically turning the toy on and off, and another to go through the seven vibration patterns. When the remote is activated, the feather touch buttons are lighted with a blue light and is meant to work up to 16 ft, or 5 m.

The battery cap requires some effort to be opened and closed, because the toy is sealed by the cap being held firmly against the silicone coating around the edge, which makes up the waterproof seal. To open, you have to push down and drag the cap away from the cord. There is an indented seam, which cannot be felt at all, around the battery cap. From the pictures and the description, I had expected the white line to be completely flush with the rest of the toy, but as it turns out, the Couture Collection Amante Battery Capwhile line is part of the plastic internal casing. Even if I like the  stylish white line around the cap, I would have preferred the seam to be filled with silicone, ideally white to preserve the chic style.

When it is working, the toy is particularly silent. Only the highest vibration level could be heard if the toy is inserted and if, and only if the room is extremely quiet. I even demonstrated this egg at work, by showing the vibration through a leather purse, and nothing could be heard through the background noise. When it is not inserted, the noise level of the highest setting is similar to that of a bullet, and still cannot be heard through a door. The vibration patterns are:

  1. Constant low.
  2. Constant medium.
  3. Constant high.
  4. Quick escalating pulses from low to high.
  5. High pulses.
  6. Slightly quicker high pulses
  7. Three high pulses, like #5, followed by a long two-second pulse.

At first I thought that the receptor could be at the very tip of the silicone string to maximize the reception, and after testing it, it does not seem to be the case. After testing it, I do believe that the working distance of 16 feet is for when it is not inserted, which makes sense, but it may disappoint some people if they expected it to be the inserted working distance. To be honest, I was a little disappointed by this, and I would have loved Cal Exotics to come up with a way to make that work while still keeping that part flexible. But then, I really have no clue how complicated it Couture Collection Amante Remotewould be to achieve that. When the egg is not inserted, the reception is really excellent and it can be activated and controlled from a room away, even through a normal wall as long as it is within the working range. So if you want to play with it for external stimulation, you’ll never have any issue with having it work well.

When it comes to its inserted performance, it was tested at a party in a very remote location, and the reception was still impressive and could work up to about 9 ft, or 3 meters. The toy was tested again in a busy part of the city, and this time it would not work further than one or two feet away from me. My friend suggested that by being in the heart of the city, there could be some interference that may make it less receptive or functional. I’m not sure, but I tried again somewhere else in a residential neighborhood and the remote would work within inconsistent distances for up to 9 ft. Still, you can be sure that you’ll be served with fun if used from across a restaurant table or when you control it when your partner is going down on you.

The egg and the remote already come with included batteries, a 12V for the remote and 2N batteries for the egg. The battery for the remote died after a few days even if I had barely used it. But since I had gone to the party with the toy, I cannot remember exactly if I had taken the Couture Collection Amante Packagingbattery out to prevent the accidental activation of the remote. So I had to go to a special electronic store to get a new one. I decided to buy a set of N batteries just in case, and try the Amante with all new batteries. Buying new batteries for this toy is really not cheap, and the trip to the store cost me almost $20 in Canadian dollars. And at that price, I was really hoping that  the remote battery was really dead and not the remote itself. I was lucky and everything worked.

I personally like clitoral vibrations to get off, and this one had enough strength and variety for me to be satisfied. When used vaginally, I did not feel that it would ever be efficient for me to I was mostly teased in a very pleasant way, and this was why I felt comfortable enough to use it in public at a party. It is an interesting distraction and it requires focus and self-control not to show any reactions. The main drawback of the Amante is that it uses such expensive specialized batteries that are not easily available, but considering that it is small and powerful, I figure that I really should not be complaining.

I would like to thank Cal Exotics for this very cool product. The Couture Collection Amante will be available soon at this sex shop I trust.

Kynky Kytty

product picture
Egg by California Exotic
Material: Silicone

This item was received for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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