Monday, October 4, 2010

Review of the Doc Johnson Super 7”

The Super 7” by Doc Johnson is a toy that I wanted to try because it was larger than any other of my toys and… that it comes in blue. I really couldn’t resist.

IMG_0494 The Super is a very large dildo, and definitely not for the faint of heart or pussy. The 7” in its name is related to the insertable length of the shaft. From the tip to the base, the toy is actually 8 1/2” long. The shaft has a diameter of 1 7/8”, but the corona has a circumference of 6”, which is a lot to take in. With the size of the base, 5” by 3”, this toy can be used in an harness and can be considered anal safe, that is if you can manage the size. I personally would not dare.

The super is made of pure platinum silicone, which is a medical grade silicone. Even as pure silicone, it has some good level of squishiness and can easily be bended like a U, which is a great thing considering its size. The surface of the toy has some drag to it, and you can feel a slight grain. This slight grain is uneven and there are some areas, probably due to the mold, where it is more noticeable. You can read about the characteristics and care of silicone here.

The Super is quite realistic without being too realistic. Most of you know that I’m not that fond of too realistic dildos, as long as it comes in a pretty color, and as you can see, my version is of a clear pearlescent blue. The head is quite realistic, with the corona and the frenulum, but all the veins along the shaft are exaggerated and non-realistic. The balls are also lacking texture and are completely smooth. Underneath the base, the silicone is completely flat and glossy, and would not serve as a suction cup. IMG_0480

When it came to trying this huge toy, I knew there was no way I could accommodate that size without warming up with other toys and giving myself an orgasm or two. Even with the preparation, my largest toy has a diameter of 1 3/4” and is still a step away from the full girth of the Super. To be honest, I didn’t think I could manage it at first. But then, I also knew quite well that the vaginal walls are muscles, and they only needed to be stretched gently enough. So with some practice, a lot of water-based lubricant and patience, I finally could insert it. That’s when I found out it was also super good.

At first the head was a little too much against my g-spot and I would press the toy down to relieve the pressure on it. Eventually, I warmed up to the toy and everything was fine, I mean, really good. It’s quite interesting the sensations we get when we push our limits a little bit more. It felt wonderful, and pushing it as far as possible gave me incredible goose bumps of pleasure. I don’t know about you, but I like when a toy gives me that kind of sensation. As for the veins along the shaft, I could feel there was a texture, but only so that it did not feel smooth. I think I do not feel textures very well when it comes on a very large toy.

So, I would definitely not recommend a toy of that size to someone who does not already know they can work their way up to this. But if you can, it’s a magnificent dildo that will appreciate some love. You can get your own at this sex shop I trust.

Kynky Kytty

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$64.99The super
Realistic dildo by Doc Johnson
Material: Silicone

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