Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Review of the Couture Collection Bliss

There was a new addition in the Couture Collection by Cal Exotics, and it is Bliss. I had the chance to try the Amante (review), and I was looking forward to this one as well. So the Couture Collection Bliss is a wireless egg vibrator that is rechargeable. Since plastic transmits vibrations really well, the Bliss feels really good and better than Amante. I wanted to say what type of rechargeable battery is in the egg, but I can’t find that information anywhere.

The egg is medium-sized and has the general shape of an IMG_0811egg, with a tip slightly more tapered than the other. With a length of 2.5” and a diameter of 1.5”, it’s large enough that I didn’t have any problem keeping this egg inside without conscious effort, but I’m sure that a minimum of strength in your pelvic muscles is required. The egg is completely waterproof, but the remote isn’t. Pretty much everything, the charging base and the egg, is made of ABS plastic covered with a PU coating for a velvety feel, except for the retrieval cord that is made of nylon. If you want to have more info on the characteristics and taking care of a plastic toy, click here. Since this toy cannot be sanitized, I do not recommend sharing unless you cover it completely with a condom, and since it is a vaginal egg, do not use it anally.

The charging base is shaped like a heart and while I thought it was cute, a male friend of mine thought it was a little ‘kitsch’. I guess you can’t please everyone. There is no apparent point of contact that you have to watch out for when you put the egg in the charger. I’ve turned it around, it is made of plastic everywhere, and the light would still show it as charging, which is really cool since there are rechargeable toys that are a little fickle when it comes to having a good point of contact for charging. One thing that is interesting to note is that the model I got came with a AC adapter made for European outlets and came with an American adapter. On the picture of the product, it’s an American plug, and I wonder if was the model available when giving out products for testing, but if you get an European model, try not to lose the adapter.

Another thing that I like with the Bliss is the LED indicators that are on the charging base and the egg itself. The light on the base and the egg are red during charging, and there is no chance to accidentally turn on the vibrator during that process. When the charging is over, after roughly 2 hours, the light on the IMG_0813egg turns green. When it is turned on or ready to be used, the light is intermittently green. It is during that mode that the charge will be used for 1-2 days. With this toy, make sure to remove the remote’s 12V battery, which is included, when it is not in use, because for some reasons I’ve had some issues with the Bliss and the Amante if the battery had remained it in and my only solution was to replace it, even if the battery was apparently new.

The light on the egg is not just a light: it is also an On/Off button to make sure that you don’t accidentally leave it idle. To activate or disable the egg, you have to hold the button for 4 seconds. It says on the box that the egg can hold its charge for 1-2 days while it is in stand-by, which I also call idle. If the toy is completely turned off, the charge will remain in the toy for a while. For instance, after a week, it could still run for more than 2 hours at the lowest setting.

The reception of the Bliss is really good, and I never had problems with the controls where it wasn’t responding from a really close range or larger range. Obviously, depending on where you are, you might have a better or worse reception because it’s wireless, but it can work up to 16’. The reception is excellent when it is not inserted and can even work at a larger range than guaranteed and slightly decreases when inserted. The vibrator is not completely silent and if you are in a very quiet place, people nearby will notice. The remote control, which is about 1.5” long, also has an On/Off button and one to go through the 7 vibration patterns, which are:

1. Constant low.
2. Constant medium.
3. Constant high.
4. Quick escalating pulses from low to high.
5. High pulses.
6. Slightly quicker high pulses
7. Three high pulses, like #5, followed by a long two-second pulse.

The retrieval cord is probably the only thing that I do not like about the egg. I’ve had other items with a nylon cord, like the Lelo Luna Beads, but somehow the cord on the beads seemed to dry much quicker and be less predisposed of holding moisture than the Bliss’. Moreover, there are two points where you have to focus more when washing it: The point of origin of the retrieval cord, because it can be moved sideways and you can see some space where it can get dirty; then, around the On/Off button, because there is also an interstice that goes at least ¼” deep around the button. As a result, I decided to use a condom over the whole toy just to make sure that the cord would stay perfectly clean. It’s optional, and if you wash it carefully and make sure that the toy is completely dry before storage, you should be fine.

I also noticed when trying to compare the vibration levels and patterns of the Amante and the IMG_0809Bliss that the two toys work on the same radio frequency 433 MHz. I was not able to change the pattern with the other one’s remote, but I was not able to have them both work at the same time. I had turned on the Bliss first, and turned on the Amante, but I was not able to change the patterns on the Amante. I know that very few people will not have those toys at home, but if you do, just take it in consideration that some interference may occur. I didn’t test thoroughly the issue, so the results may vary. Or it could have been the battery issue at play again, but I’d have to buy a new one again to make sure. I’ll look that up for my follow-up review.

You can also get the Bliss at this sex toy store I trust.

Kynky Kytty

product picture
Egg by California Exotic
Material: PU coated plastic
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

This item was received for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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