Sunday, January 23, 2011

Material Data Sheet: Stone


Here’s a material that does not get to be used often with sex toys, and it’s a shame. The stone that is usually used for making stone toys is sandstone, a sedimentary rock. Every stone sex toys is obviously unique and you may find yourself admiring the surface as you handle it since there are no regularities in the grain pattern.

A stone toy is mildly porous, and the reason why it is not completely non porous despite being made of stone is because of the coating protecting the stone and you during use. If you close your eyes, the surface will feel almost identical to that of a glass toy, except that it does not feel exactly like the surface of glass, but very close to it. The density of a stone toy is similar to that of glass, and I actually expected to be slightly heavier.

It is a hypoallergenic material that is obviously odorless, phthalates-free and latex-free. This hard and sleek material makes any lubricant last for a long time, whether it is water or silicone-based.

However, I was not able to get any information about the type of glaze or varnish that was used on the stone, but I would keep any stone toy away from chemicals as you may never know with what the coating may react.

Temperature Play

Like glass, stone conducts heat and cold well, and is suitable for temperature play. It’s recommended to place the toy in warm or cold water for about 15 minutes. Once you know what you are doing, you can also try making it even colder or warmer, by adding a few ice cubes or a part of boiling water in your bowl of water once the first 15 minutes are over, and wait a few more minutes. It is important not to place your toy in the microwave or the freezer, so that you may not hurt yourself during use.


Sex toys made from stone can be washed with antibacterial soap and water. Depending on the texture of the glass, there could be grooves that are hard to reach, and you can use a toothbrush in that case. They can also be sanitized with a 10% bleach/90% water solution. If you intend to share without sanitizing the toy first, you can also slip a condom over it.

Remember to wash your toy before and after each use.


A cloth pouch or bag is recommended for storing a toy made of stone, as long as you can keep it away from other hard surfaces. The most important thing is to make sure that your toy will not be getting any scratches to maintain the integrity of the surface.

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