Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Review of the System Jo Woman Pheromones

After testing thoroughly the Woman Pheromone by Jo, which was kindly offered by sex toy store Fascinations, I feel like I wasn't able to test it are much and as well as I could have wished. Without having some sort of control, I'm still a little bit undecided about how it works, and how well, and I had to do a little research on the actual pheromone to get a better picture.

Hormones play on more levels that we are aware of, and pinpointing how it contributes to someone's mood and actions is not so easy. There is a lot of things that come into play, like one's mood and the setting. For instance, when you think about using the pheromones, you are usually already energetic and somewhat in the mood, you'll dress nice and you'll feel sexy. Applying the pheromones at that time will boost your self-assurance and make you appear more attractive.

However, it's not going to do miracles, I mean if a grumpy woman, untidy and badly dressed would take a bath of pure pheromones, she still would not attract the attention and lust of every man in a bar. Let's be real, and I think that most women who will be using this, have to keep it mind that it's a sexual enhancer, and as enhancer suggests, there has to be something present to begin with. And in a way, I think there is also a placebo effect that comes into play with this product, but more on the wearer than anyone else. It obviously works on a psychological level, and it seems to work, but never as well as the item's description claims.

But then, how much of that is to be attributed to the pheromones? I did a little bit of research, and it seems that this type of pheromone works on making the wearer feel good more than attracting the opposite sex by smells alone. So yes, it would confirm what I had noticed before. Make the woman feel sexy and womanly, and she will become more attractive.

I really need to share what's written on the product's package, because you'll agree with me that it's obviously exaggerated. Among other selling gibberish, it says ‘can trigger a rush of attraction within a matter of seconds, creating a strong emotional and physical response.’ It is possible to have a physical reaction to this product, but it's not guaranteed. I know that when I smell it, I get as excited as when I have a horny thought or see something visually stimulating, you know, that sexual tingling. However, I've had over a dozen people smell the pheromones, and I was the only person who had that reaction, so it won't have so strong an effect on everyone.

In a way, I would suggest that you go to a store and smell a demo to get a better idea of how it makes you feel. Although, the odd thing is that the pheromones are meant to increase the feeling of attraction and connection between two people, and my first thought was that it would work more on other people. From what I have seen, it can only help boost a psychological state that is already there. I used the product at an evening where there was a lot of coworkers, and I heard second-hand comments where it was said that I looked ‘fuckable’ that night. Please consider that my wearing a corset and having a new haircut had something to do with it as well. There were a lot of men who came to me, and wanted kisses on the cheeks à la française, but not one started flirting with me, and I think I would have had to make an obvious first move to get more significant results.

The product, which comes in a metal bottle with a spray applicator, is not perfumed, but it is not odorless, it has a faint musky sweaty sweat, but you have to really put your nose to the point of application to smell it. So it will blend as a natural smell for anyone else smelling you. The product does not feel oily and dries up pretty quickly on the skin, and the ingredients are: (INCI) Estratetraenol, Alcohol denat, Propylene glycol, Di water (Aqua), Fragrance.

Kynky Kytty

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