Monday, January 24, 2011

Review of the Para Jandia

This is the first time ever that I have tried a stone toy, and even if I knew what a hard toy felt, the stone toy Para Jandia from Diamond Lovetoys offered a model that significantly differed from those available in glass toys.

The Para Jandia is medium sized dildo, but it’s not its hardness that will make it feel the 1 ½” IMG_1003diameter too large or too much to handle. It may hard to see, especially at first but the thickness of the four peaks along the 7” shaft slightly increase. To be honest, I didn’t notice all that much during use, but I can say it is a very pleasurable experience. The surface is very sleek and the texture is gentle, with no edges that may feel like it’s too much, but do consider that I really like texture and that it could feel pronounced to some people. This is a toy that is also suitable to stimulate the g-spot enough to squirt, but the base is not flared enough to be considered safe for anal play.

The design with this one is very original and most importantly unique. It’s sometimes hard to come up with words over a new experience, and with the Para Jandia, I could compare it to the escalation setting of a vibrator translated to a dildo. That’s what the peaks and the valleys feel like, as more pressure is gradually applied to the g-spot while still being able to feel the exponential crescendo of pressure, whether used slowly or with more speed. The head of the toy is shaped like an egg, and its roundness is also a stimulating element on its own when starting to play with it.

I do not know about you, but the fact that it is made of stone gives it a touch of kinkiness that is very compelling. I’d never do it with a phallic stone I’d pick up somewhere, because there will still be a risk of getting some nasty scratches and there is no way the surface would feel good enough to make is pleasurable. And then, no matter how often I could wash it, it would always give the IMG_0999impression of not being sanitary. So, this stone toy gives me the occasion of feeling a little bit kinkier while still playing completely safe. If you want to know how to care for a toy made of stone, click here.

The packaging of this toy was minimal, and wasn’t worth more than a few dollars. It comes in a metal box with some padding to keep the toy from hitting the sides, but in itself cannot really be used for storage unless you have a storage bag, which does not come with the Para Jandia.

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Kynky Kytty

product picture
Dildo by Diamond Lovetoys
Material: Stone
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

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