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Review of the Fun Factory G4 Elegance

I was really excited to see the new line of G4 vibrators from Fun Factory and until now I had never been disappointed by their product. I tried Elegance, a rechargeable and fully waterproof silicone vibrator, meaning a very high-end vibrator. Unfortunately, I was disappointed by the Elegance_general model that I had to review due to the texture all over the surface (more information on that at the end).

At first I was really interested in the unusual shape of this toy. It looked amazing and deserved a fancy name like Elegance. It even has a kind of slightly twisted shape where a more pronounced edge is visible along the shaft. I know it’s hard to describe, but I got a few pictures to help. I also liked that the widest part of the toy would be on a horizontal axis, meaning that it would stretch the body from the sides and not vertically, like some g-spot toys would do.

Even though there is no apparent special texture on the vibrator, the silicone on the surface of this toy is so matte that it feels rough, almost like sandpaper when it is inserted and that minimal thrusting is initiated. I know some women like some drag, but this is pushing it to the extreme. I was surprised that it would feel like so, and even with extra lubricant, it could not be inserted with a smooth motion. The grain is so pronounced that you can clearly see it on the picture that I’ve taken of the tip. Also, if you want more information on silicone, like how to care for it and clean it, click here. Elegance_texture

Moreover, the fact that this vibe is larger than average does not help with experiencing an easy insertion, and with its 1 ¾” diameter (5 ½” circumference), it is actually at the limit of my comfort zone. So you can understand that with such a size, I would have needed a smoother surface in order to enjoy this toy. So I suppose that another woman who likes a lot of drag on large toys would be happy with this vibrator, but I wasn’t. The insertable section is of reasonable length with its 6 inches.

Also, while I was satisfied with the power of this toy, I did not offer the same variety in intensity that are available with Lelo toys of the same price range. I know that the Lelo products have yet to become waterproof, but they are amazing in being able to change the intensity of all the available patterns, which is unfortunately not the case with the G4 vibrators. I guess it depends on your preferences, and if you’d rather have a toy almost always set at the highest power for the vibration settings, here again, you would not be disappointed by the Elegance.

There are 3 control buttons on the Elegance, the Plus (+), the Minus (-) and the Asterisk (*), and they are lighted when you press them or if you move your hand over the controls when it is turned off. Pressing once on the Plus turns it on, and by pressing it again, you’ll go through six constant vibration intensities (that I could discern), going from low to a powerful high. You must go back through the settings to turn it off with Minus. At any moment when it is activated, you can press on the Asterisk to access the special vibration settings. You can also turn it on by holding the Asterisk button to access directly the vibrations options or off by holding the Minus button, from any setting. The noise volume is relatively low compared to other toys, and is more quiet than a bullet, even at the strongest setting.

The pulsation vibrations are:
1. Intense throbbing.
2. Quick pulses
3. Slower pulses that seem to escalate a little.
4. A less intense version of the slower pulses.

As I said before, this toy is rechargeable and the first charging can take up to 12 hours, that is, if the charger stays perfectly in place on the FUN logo to insure an ideal charging of the toy. The charger is included in the package, and as you can see it’s in the smaller box next to the main toy. During charging, Elegance was resting on a countertop and would sometimes move, which could shift the position of the charger as well. You can tell by the bright red light that appears on the charger. When the position isn’t optimal, the red light is dimmed or completely turned off. And it can take a while to Elegance_Packget a good position. Also, note that with this type of rechargeable battery, it is better regularly charged and should be stored fully charge to prolong its longevity.

So, in the end, I cannot say that I was satisfied by this product since I do not plan on using it vaginally anymore, and considering the other high-quality vibrators on the market lately, this one does not seem to be part of the real competition. I know most people do not have a few other $100 vibrators available to compare with, but trust me that when it comes to vibrations, Lelo is offering a lot more options on slimmer and smoother toys, even if they aren’t waterproof. So in the end, it all goes down to what you really want and will actually use on a toy. So if you decide it would work for you, then you can get it at this sex toy store I trust.

Kynky Kytty

Note: After getting more information on this toy, whether or not it could have been defective, it was, but not for the reason I expected. The white velvet stuff was missing in a few spots, like the very tip of the toy, creating a few random softer spots. This means that the rough texture that I did not like WAS the normal texture. Fun Factory said that this texture had been created for people who like “SHORT and SLOW strokes”. Fine with me, but it was not something for me, since I could not even get the initial penetrations to feel smooth, not even with extra lubricant and after a first orgasm.

product picture
G-spot vibrator by Fun Factory
Material: Silicone / Plastic
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

This item was received for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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