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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Review of the System Jo Massage Glide

The Jo Massage Glide is a great product for massaging, but I know that there are often shared feelings about silicone-based lubricants. Because, yes, this product is technically a silicone lubricant with a fragrance that comes .

IMG_1288 If you are familiar with System Jo silicone lube, you’d know that they advertise their lubricants as a three-in-one product: moisturizer, lubricant and massage oil. Note that on the product page on Edenfantasys, the product is named massage oil, but the oil it contains only serves to give it a great smell. It can also serves as a tattoo conditioner, but I cannot vouch for that purpose. If used for over the body moisturizing, you should know that it leaves the skin particularly shiny, but very, very soft and silky.

As a lubricant, it couldn’t be any better, but then, I prefer silicone-based lubricants to water-based ones. I know some people don’t like the smooth and long-lasting feel of silicone on their skin after applying a silicone lubricant, whether on their skin or genital areas, but it’s not something that I mind – not at all. I find massage oils too oily and I feel the need to completely wash it off before going to sleep; besides, I’m afraid that I’d transfer oil to the sheets from sleeping on my back. Moreover, I’m allergic to almonds, and I feel limited in the massage products I can use as the last almond-oil-based massage oil I tried felt like burning my skin.

Since it is silicone-based, you do not have to use a lot of the product to have the same desired effect as some massage oil. When used for a back massage for instance, I could use three drops to cover the entire back, but I needed three more to reach the level of glide I wanted. It was as if the first drops had been enough to moisturize, but a little bit more was needed to create the sleek effect required for a massage, and it would last until the massage was over. So the smaller format of the Massage Glide may be small, but it’s going to last as long as any massage oil bottle. The bottle also claims that 1 drop equals 10-15 drops of massage oils, and I believe it. It is not recommended to let the Massage Glide be in contact with other products made of silicone, especially not toys, but it is compatible with latex condoms. It will also last for shower sex, unless you wash it away with soap.

The fragrance I have is Citrus and it smells like a lemon zest, but not very strong. I’ve had massage oils before that had overpowering scents and I could end up fed up of the fragranceIMG_1292 before the end of my first massage. With this massage glide, the smell is reasonable, and you may actually think that it should persist longer. I just used one drop to moisturize my hands and I had to put my nose at about 6 inches to smell it, and it was mostly gone after a minute.

The cap is opened by pressing on one side of the top, which lifts the other side (I don’t know the exact term for that type of cap), but it does a good enough job at preventing leaks. On the bottle, it is said that once opened, the product is good for 2 years. The ingredients are: Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclotetrasiloxane, Dimethiconol, Dimethicone, Citrus Officinalis (Fragrance & Lemon Balm Essential Oil).

This is a product that I highly recommend, as long as you have not previously had a bad experience with silicone-based lubricants. This format of 1 fl. oz (30 ml) is great if you want to give it a try without paying too high a price, and you can get it at this sex toys store I trust.

Kynky Kytty

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