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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Jollies Are Back!

I don’t know how I missed this great news, but Jollies sex toys are no longer discontinued anymore. No longer will we wonder about this great loss and wish that we could have gotten one before the fatal end. I think the Jollies company closed their doors about 2 to 3 years ago, and I was lucky enough to have tried their Jollet and their Thrust, but I had always wanted to try the Luna, the Wave, and maybe the Bubbles. Heck, I’d really like to pay a little extra and get a funky custom model, as you can see. They’re SOOO pretty, and this specific one with stars is available here (for now).

While my heart is overjoyed by that news, my second thought was to my budget as I will have to get those toys that had been picking up dust on very old wish lists.

The Jollies can be purchased on their website, but I don’t think the option to select a normal color is set yet, and on Etsy where you pick which one you want. They also offer silicone ashtrays that can serve to keep massage oil warm, and I’m really tempted to get one, when I see one I really like.

Spread the joy of Jollies!

Kynky Kytty

Monday, January 9, 2012

Review of the Nexus G-Rider

If you are into anal toys, you’ve probably noticed the Nexus G-Rider, whether you have a prostate or not, as it has a very interesting shape and an alluring base. The best bases for anal toys are sadly hard to find, and I’m glad I had the chance to try the Nexus G-Rider, by LB IMG_1381Trading Ltd, for it has a really good one.


This prostate massager is especially firm in density and it’s a good thing that the curved tip, or nose, helps with inserting it. With or without the motor, the silicone on this toy is particularly firm and will only have more give at the neck without it. Once inside, the Nexus just seems to be swallowed by the body up to the neck, at least for anal play, and the firmness presents no disadvantages.IMG_1379

The silicone is velvety all around the toy, except for the line when a seam would be. It looks like the seam was mechanically removed and left a sort of micro texture that does not feel so soft on the fingers, but that you can’t really feel during use. However, it makes cleaning more difficult as well.

I had some trouble getting the battery inside at first, as there was some sort of glued tape holding two wires that had rolled and was getting in the way of the battery. I assume it was an isolated incident as no one else mentions something of the sort, but after removing it with tweezers and making sure the wires weren’t in the way, everything worked just fine.

IMG_1369This vibrator can easily be used as a regular butt plug after you have removed the motor, and even if you keep it in.


The toy is what I’d call average in size, because at the widest part, it has a circumference of a little bit more than 5 inches. The head, from tip to back, has a length of 1.75”, but is quite slender being slightly less than an inch in width. The whole toy is 5” and is insertable for 4”. The base is fairly long, with 4.5”.


There are five vibration settings that are all of moderate intensity but that are well felt during anal play. The first one is rather unique, and starts as a quick escalating and deescalating pattern followed by a series of continuous faster pulses. The second is a two- to three-second-long constant vibration followed by a second-long pause. The third one is the constant vibration mode. The fourth one is single pulses interrupted by pauses. The last one is a series of three throbbing IMG_1380pulses followed by a pause. To turn it on and off, the button has to be held for about two seconds.

Female Opinion

I could not feel the vibrations vaginally as well as I did when it was inserted anally. Although the Rider did a superb job at finding my g-spot, I found the material to be slightly too firm for that use. I much preferred the sensation it offered for anal play, and it did feel amazing. It’s hard to say what made it such a great toy for me, as it didn’t seem to be filling me up or stretch me, but my body did sense it and took great pleasure from that shape and vibrations.

For either use, I was not stimulated by the nubs at the base or feel the vibrations through them. I IMG_1361did feel them against my clitoral area during vaginal insertion, but just because they rested against my skin. As for anal play, I could not even feel them.

I would have like to ride the Rider a little in a rocking movement, but as my butt cheeks are very cushiony, it didn’t work all that well. I could not achieve anything better than movements that would poke me. I was curious to know if I could change the vibrations with a rocking motion, so I can’t really say if it could work.

With the size of the base, vaginal penetration would not be possible at the same time, in case you’d like to try.

Male Opinion

Yes, I did ask for a guy opinion for this one, and I actually felt like I had no choice for reviewing a toy made for prostate massaging.

With the Nexus G-Rider, the orgasm that ensues is supposedly amazing and powerful. The firmness was just right and the shape and size was apparently perfect. The size didn’t feel too IMG_1364large for one who plays at an intermediate level in anal toys. However, larger than that would have been too much with the firmness of the toy. This toy has definitely become an instant favorite.

The vibrations were very interesting, especially the escalating one, which is a vibration pattern that is not that often available on vibrators. The nubs were not particularly felt during insertion either, but the base was extremely comfortable as the sides are round and don’t dig into the skin at all. This toy makes it easy to sit computer chair for a long period of time without being uncomfortable.


While the silicone is easy to care for, and you can find information about it here, the motor is not waterproof. So you will have to turn the toy upside down for washing or remove the motor entirely. At least it was be easily removed and put back in with some twisting.

Kynky Kytty

product picture
Prostate massager by LB Trading Ltd
Material: Silicone
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

This item was received for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

Review of the Cal Exotics Diamond Massager

The Diamond Massager is a cute and small vibrator used for external stimulation or shallow penetration. It’s quite powerful, and gives the impression of being a giant bullet, with the IMG_1382advantage of being able to apply that power in more than a tiny area.

The shape, especially the narrow parts, makes holding the toy comfortable, and it’s something that I really like with toys, not feeling cramped in trying to use a toy. The widest part is slightly over an inch in diameter, so it’s definitely not large if it’s going to be used for minimal penetration.

The toy is made of PU-coated plastic, which gives a nice velvety feel, and the crystals are made of glass. If you want to know more about plastic and care, click here.

The Diamond Massager is also waterproof, as long as it’s not taken for a deep swim (think pressure). Especially since this toy does not float, it should not be left at the bottom of the water. I left mine a few seconds at the bottom of the sink for a few seconds, and no water got into it, but I would not leave it soaking in the bath for minutes.

There are two arrows printed on the sides of the battery cap showing where the arrows have to be aligned in order to open it, but their usefulness is more than that. You need to align the arrows to close it or somehow the cap won’t be in that specific position to correctly make the contact with the batteries. If I were to close it the other way, I’d have to change the polarity of the two AAA batteries, which are not included.

There are three vibration patterns, one that is constant, the next one is a quick constant pulsing,IMG_1384 and the last one is also like a series of pulses but slightly more pronounced, and where every fifth pulse is longer and followed by a tiny pause. Depending on how long you keep the toy turned on, your fingers may feel a little numbed after a while, but I managed to reach a second orgasm before it occurred.

The shape and design of the toy could make it a great first toy, as long as the power is taken into consideration. It’s not everyone that can handle that power when first introduced to toys. For others, it’s the best bullet you may have.

Note that it’s also part of a Bound by Diamonds collection that includes lingerie, other vibrators, bondage items, harnesses and other fetish accessories. So if you really dig the look of this toy, you really should check out their other products.

I would like to thank Cal Exotics for giving me this toy for review, and you can get it at this sex toy store I trust.

Kynky Kytty

product picture
Discreet massager by California Exotic
Material: Plastic

This item was received for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Review of the ASLAN Black Cat Harness

You all know I’m kinky, so it’s no surprise that one day or another I’d be reviewing a harness. So today it’s all about the Black Cat Harness by ASLAN Leather. You should know that it’s not my first so I’ll be able to pinpoint a few key features that I really like about this one and that you may IMG_1313care to know. The other one I have is the Sportsheets Velvet Corset Harness, which is a good product, but there were a few things that I didn’t like. The review is long, but I divided it in sections to help you find what you want to read and you can click the pictures to see them larger.

When you look at it, it’s clear that it’s not cheaply made, as you can see the seam of the vinyl is barely noticeable in the interior side of the straps and I can’t even feel them when I’m wearing it. Actually, nothing at all pokes you in a bad way, and the straps twist to fit the shape of your body without digging into your skin. I have to say that the harness is really comfortable and it looks super sexy as the metal O rings in front allow the belt to follow the level of your IMG_1317 hips. Even if the buckles can feel cold when you are putting it on, they are barely in contact with the body once strapped and the whole harness becomes quickly warm. 

The straps are sufficiently flexible without being limp – similar to a wide leather dog collar – so they will always maintain a nice curve even if you try to bend them. Since the fit is quite stable, the front part will also apply a firm pressure on the base of the toys you’ll put in there. So the base will not twist awkwardly from the weight, and it’s more the shaft itself that will go downward from gravity. It allows a better control with the movements as well, which is super important.

IMG_1315 Adjustable
The harness is adjustable through four buckles: one on each hip and the two others on the leg straps. The leg straps loop around the belt and can be adjusted by sliding them sideways. The advantage of vinyl and buckles with a harness is that you will not need to tighten the strap during play and won’t even stretch with time. All you have to do to take it off is unbuckle one strap at the hip while taking note in which buckle hole it was set and voilà! it’s going to be ready for next time.

I measured the harness lying flat and it has a width of 23”, and it will fit hips that have a circumference of 40” with some reasonable room left. So if you have been worrying like me if the harness would fit if you are at the limit of that 42”, as said on the product page, it’s going to be fine, but not much more than that. The smallest hip size that the harness can fit is about 27-28” in circumference, considering that lying flat, the harness measures 15”. If you are on the smaller range of the size of the harness, you can slip the extra belt straps in the loops of the leg straps.

If I can use my size as a reference – my hips have a circumference of 41”, – and I managed an almost perfect sizing by adjusting the hip straps at the third buckle hole, and at the last hole for the leg straps. In order to get a perfect fit, I think I could have used a little bit more length in the leg straps as the belt in the back still sits just a tiny bit too low. Note that I’m wearing a lot of my weight in my butt and thighs.

After consulting the ASLAN Leather website, they say that the harness fits 26” to 44” inches, which would also explain the extra room I had, but then, at 44” I think it would be too tight, and similarly I think that 26” might be slightly too small and the harness could be loose. So buy at your own risk. Remember that you need some room to be comfortable, for the belt to follow some curves and in case of some weight gain or loss. Also, if you are going to use a strapless dildo, it’s the leg straps that can be adjusted to give more room in front.

Since the hole in front has a diameter of 1 ¾”, it’s true that most dildos will work with this harness, but as the hole is made of vinyl, it’s going to be difficult to squeeze a large toy in there. Besides, but the ring snaps take some of that room away, so I suggest using toys that are more inIMG_1314 the range of 1 ¼” to 1 ½” in diameter. The largest toy I put in was the Fun Factory Tiger, which managed to fit well even though the last bump needed some help through the hole.

However, I do not recommend using a dildo made of soft silicone that has a set of balls, as the edges of the leg straps could dig into the silicone and leave marks. Note that the ring looks like it is made of rubber, but it can be changed if you want another material as long as the new ring is of the same size, with an inner diameter of 1 ¾”.

I have to admit that I wasn’t completely sold to the shiny wet look at first, but I think it’s kind of bad ass now. It does slightly smell like plastic, but in a freshly-new kind of way, so it’s not a downside. Besides, when you think about it, it’s one of the easiest materials to take care of with a harness, as you can just clean it gently with a towel with some soap, dry it up and it’s done. Nylon, cloth and leather would need more washing or caring, and as some of you already know, I’m a low maintenance girl when it comes to my toys.

The material also allows the harness to be waterproof, but don’t forget that there are still a few IMG_1312 pieces of metal on this piece, and I’ve learned in other reviews – thank you reviewers – that you can use nail polish on the metal to prevent rusting, as long as you also make sure to let the harness dry.

If you are looking for a first harness, my suggestion would be to get a cheap one to know what you like in a harness, and get a better one with the features that you really want. If it’s not your first harness purchase, I think I covered what you need to know, and I hope it’s a harness you’d consider, as I really like it.

Kynky Kytty

product picture
Double strap harness by Aslan Leather
Material: Vinyl
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

This item was received for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Review of the System Jo Massage Glide

The Jo Massage Glide is a great product for massaging, but I know that there are often shared feelings about silicone-based lubricants. Because, yes, this product is technically a silicone lubricant with a fragrance that comes .

IMG_1288 If you are familiar with System Jo silicone lube, you’d know that they advertise their lubricants as a three-in-one product: moisturizer, lubricant and massage oil. Note that on the product page on Edenfantasys, the product is named massage oil, but the oil it contains only serves to give it a great smell. It can also serves as a tattoo conditioner, but I cannot vouch for that purpose. If used for over the body moisturizing, you should know that it leaves the skin particularly shiny, but very, very soft and silky.

As a lubricant, it couldn’t be any better, but then, I prefer silicone-based lubricants to water-based ones. I know some people don’t like the smooth and long-lasting feel of silicone on their skin after applying a silicone lubricant, whether on their skin or genital areas, but it’s not something that I mind – not at all. I find massage oils too oily and I feel the need to completely wash it off before going to sleep; besides, I’m afraid that I’d transfer oil to the sheets from sleeping on my back. Moreover, I’m allergic to almonds, and I feel limited in the massage products I can use as the last almond-oil-based massage oil I tried felt like burning my skin.

Since it is silicone-based, you do not have to use a lot of the product to have the same desired effect as some massage oil. When used for a back massage for instance, I could use three drops to cover the entire back, but I needed three more to reach the level of glide I wanted. It was as if the first drops had been enough to moisturize, but a little bit more was needed to create the sleek effect required for a massage, and it would last until the massage was over. So the smaller format of the Massage Glide may be small, but it’s going to last as long as any massage oil bottle. The bottle also claims that 1 drop equals 10-15 drops of massage oils, and I believe it. It is not recommended to let the Massage Glide be in contact with other products made of silicone, especially not toys, but it is compatible with latex condoms. It will also last for shower sex, unless you wash it away with soap.

The fragrance I have is Citrus and it smells like a lemon zest, but not very strong. I’ve had massage oils before that had overpowering scents and I could end up fed up of the fragranceIMG_1292 before the end of my first massage. With this massage glide, the smell is reasonable, and you may actually think that it should persist longer. I just used one drop to moisturize my hands and I had to put my nose at about 6 inches to smell it, and it was mostly gone after a minute.

The cap is opened by pressing on one side of the top, which lifts the other side (I don’t know the exact term for that type of cap), but it does a good enough job at preventing leaks. On the bottle, it is said that once opened, the product is good for 2 years. The ingredients are: Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclotetrasiloxane, Dimethiconol, Dimethicone, Citrus Officinalis (Fragrance & Lemon Balm Essential Oil).

This is a product that I highly recommend, as long as you have not previously had a bad experience with silicone-based lubricants. This format of 1 fl. oz (30 ml) is great if you want to give it a try without paying too high a price, and you can get it at this sex toys store I trust.

Kynky Kytty

This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

This item was received for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Review of the Book Girls Who Bite

Did you ever wonder what you would get if you mixed desire and lesbian vampires? You get hot sex, that’s what you get, and you’ll get more than enough in the book Girls Who Bite, by Cleis Press. The book is edited by Delilah Devlin, which has also contributed with an excellent story of her own.

IMG_1280 This was actually my first lesbian erotica anthology, and I can assure you that you’ll be turned on whether you are straight, lesbian or in-between. It’s also almost strictly limited to girl-on-girl sex, as only one will include a vigorous male in their activities or a group of women. The book obviously includes lots of oral sex and fingering, but also a reasonable amount of BDSM, a little bit of anal play and a few other juicy surprises. Anyways, did you really expect to read vampire erotica without bites, dominance and some level of pain?

The erotic nature of the book is not limited to the fact that you have two women having sex, but also includes the raw longing and carnal cravings that you feel all around them. That atmosphere is particularly intense as the vampires tend to experience love and lust more strongly than humans and particularly when feeding. And they really have a hard time resisting what they want. That’s VERY sexy.

Another interesting thing about the book is that while the theme of lesbian vampires is pretty much set in stone, the stories greatly vary in the plot, location and even time. So if you think that you’re not going to get pleasant surprises with this book, think again and give it a chance. I doubt that you will be disappointed. I also liked the little hint of humor in a few stories that managed to make me smile.

The stories included are:
Bloody Wicked - Vivi Anna
Al Dente - Delphine Dryden
Dark Angel - Paisley Smith
Pet Door - Angela Caperton
Dark Guard - Karis Walsh
La Caída - Anna Meadows
The Crystal Altar - Adele Dubois
Beloved - Shayla Kersten
Bound Love - Christine d’Abo
The Gift of Litith - Myla Jackson
Madeline - A. E. Grace
Red Horizons - Victoria Oldham
Impundulu - Regina Jamison
Night at the Wax Museum - Delilah Devlin
She Knows I am Watching - Rebecca Buck

The stories in this anthology that I preferred were the stories that went beyond the usual vampire and sex story and included darker or brighter folklore. For instance, in the story Dark Guard, you can hear about were-panthers and were-lynx, and the type of setting and background information given were very interesting and definitely caught my attention. So I ended up wishing that the story could be longer so that I could know more. My favorite story is The Gift of Lilith, where the vampire didn’t have the characteristics of a vampire, and without giving too much information, let’s say that the story ends on a very loving and touching moment. It was very nice.

In conclusion, Girls Who Bite is another great collection of stories that will make you envy the strong desires and passion expressed by the protagonists. I had expected a little more sex toys to be used, but apparently, their tongue, fingers and bite are good enough. You can get this great book at this sex toys store I trust, and I would like to thank Cleis Press for sending it to me for review.

Kynky Kytty

product picture
Book by Various Authors
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Cleis Press Inc.

This item was received for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Review of the Eroscillator 2 Top Deluxe

When you get the Eroscillator 2 Top Deluxe, every part is wrapped or sealed in plastic (especially 100_1948 the handle), which also affect the type of refunds you can get. It comes in a cardboard box, but once the items have been unwrapped, it becomes hard to put it all back in there, so be ready to spare some other space for it. With no attachment the Eroscillator is 8” long, and is 2” wide at the base. The adapter comes with a full 13’ of cord and you shouldn’t worry about the distance between an outlet and your bed (I hope). And then, there are the five attachments that will be described below.

The Handle
The handle is surprisingly comfortable in any position and you shouldn’t have to stretch a muscle from holding it for a little while. The spirals along the 1 ½” handle of the toy help give a better grip when it comes to changing intensities, which can be done be slipping a panel on the side of the toy. The Eroscillator itself is made of plastic, as well as the necks of the attachments, and youIMG_1276 can give it a more thorough wash by removing the cap and the slider. The handle can be washed under running water and is waterproof, but the Eroscillator should not be used where there is water for the electrical parts. 

It has three settings, one low that already feels strong, and two more that feel stronger and the last is even stronger. As for the noise level, it is low pitched and feels was amazingly low in volume for the power given, maybe slightly more than a vibrating cellphone. On the lowest setting, you can barely hear it. The toy will be louder if there is no attachment or if no pressure (minimal) is applied on the attachment.

The Attachments
The rest of the attachments are made of a flexible silicone-coated TPR, which is a hypoallergenic material that contains no latex, PVC or phthalates, but it is not completely non-porous (so consider a condom is you want to try an attachment anally). You will be able to clean them with Attachments warm water and soap, and if you must use lubricant, stay with water-based. Most attachments are roughly 3” in length and make it possible to easily access the clitoris during penetrative sex. The five attachments included are (from left to right on the picture):

1. The French Legionnaire’s Moustache
This one is definitely the oddest and at first I really believed it would hurt. For this reason, it was the very last attachment I tried and after removing the plastic protector, I realized that the nylon bristles were quite soft and they could be used to tease and tickle. The instructions say that it could be used internally as well, but I’d rather not – I would not want stuff to get in the roots of the bristles. I’m thinking that it might be an attachment that would feel good on the scrotum and the shaft of the penis.

2. The Golden Spoon
The hollow of the golden spoon is nice if you do not like direct stimulation on the clitoris, but I preferred the back that would cover the entire clitoral area. It is actually the attachment that I liked best.

3. The Cup & Ball
The Cup could also be used for even more indirect contact with the clitoris and for nipple stimulation. The Ball is similar to the back of the Spoon, but has a smaller surface to play with. The Cup & Ball could be interchanged with the Golden Spoon and the differences would be minor ones as they’re very similar when oscillating.

4. The Seven Pearls of the Orient
The Pearls are meant for internal stimulation (vaginal or anal), but I also liked to place it along my clitoris and put the smaller bead at the entrance of the vagina. For this one in particular, use a condom for anal play unless you never intend to stimulate other areas.

5. The Grapes and Cockscomb
This side I prefer is the Grapes as you can use on the clitoris and internally to reach the g-spot, and with the power it comes with, you should be able to be very stimulated as well. The Cockscomb is just odd, and I didn’t find any particular use I preferred. The instructions mention labia stimulation, but I wasn’t impressed.

Other Accessories
IMG_1263 As you can see on the picture, there is a plastic bag or pouch included for storage, but it’s cheap and makes me go “meh”. It does not even close and even if you put the bag in a drawer, it might fall on the side and the pieces could slide out. I recommend using a satin wine bag if you can get your hands on one, you can often buy those during Christmas time and they serve as oversized drawstring bags.

As for the DVD, it contains customer opinions and a sort of endorsement interview with Dr. Ruth. The whole thing lasts about 10 minutes and acts as an advertisement for the product as it keeps on promoting its virtues and its advantages on a couple’s sex life (that part could apply to any sex toy though). They probably considered that a number of people, men and women, who receive this product as a gift and are unfamiliar or reticent to using sex toys, might need positive arguments in order for them to keep the Eroscillator.

The DVD, the bag and the burgundy box were contained in a larger plain cardboard 100_1945 box that protected everything well during shipping, but I didn’t think it would be useful to take a picture.

My Opinion
The toy is amazing, as I was able to reach 5 orgasms in a single session without feeling numb, and the only reason I didn’t continue is that I was myself tired – I knew the toy would keep on giving me orgasms easily. This toy will get you there, and if it does not, there is a 30-day return policy (not a complete refund though) with the maker.

However, as I will be using some attachment parts less frequently than others, I think that the  Eroscillator should better be sold alone with a basic attachment, like the Golden Spoon, so that anyone could buy all the attachments that they want when they want. Having more options would make the initial price a lot more affordable, because a starting price of $139, and higher depending on the kit, is too much for a lot of people. But then, it is good to note that the Eroscillator 2 Top Deluxe is more powerful than the Eroscillator 2 Plus (by 35% I heard), and is the “cheapest” available kit to get that extra power, so it’s hard to say what’s the value of the extra power in relation to the attachments.

If you are interested in an Eroscillator, make sure to check out the Ultra Soft Finger Tip attachment, because it looks very interesting.

Kynky Kytty

product picture
Oscillating massager by Advanced response corp.
Material: Plastic
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

This item was received for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.