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About Kytty

I have created this blog to speak about thoughts about my life that I do not usually get the chance to share. I tend to overanalyze things in my life, and I always have a lot on my mind.
Ok, I know, it's mostly about sex toys and sexuality, but I can't help it. So even if the posts specifically related to me are scarce, they're not about things that I consider trivial.

I'm a single woman, and I'm happy. I'm not desperate for a lover, and the only way I would allow someone in my life is by making sure that my happiness would not be disrupted. I've been abstinent for a while now, but I'm not asexual. When I have a partner, I embrace my sexuality and sensuality. So the sex toys are needed to keep me sane and from doing anything I might regret. That I get some of them free is just a nice bonus.

However, it's my sexuality that has always gotten me in trouble, and most men can easily overlook who I am and take advantage of me. I must say that I've grown wiser since then, and that I'm not as naive as I was before. I'll just do my best not to mess up again.

I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts and quite eager to read some of your opinions, your thoughts, and your arguments for or against what I say. Don't be shy.

Kynky Kytty