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Monday, January 9, 2012

Review of the Nexus G-Rider

If you are into anal toys, you’ve probably noticed the Nexus G-Rider, whether you have a prostate or not, as it has a very interesting shape and an alluring base. The best bases for anal toys are sadly hard to find, and I’m glad I had the chance to try the Nexus G-Rider, by LB IMG_1381Trading Ltd, for it has a really good one.


This prostate massager is especially firm in density and it’s a good thing that the curved tip, or nose, helps with inserting it. With or without the motor, the silicone on this toy is particularly firm and will only have more give at the neck without it. Once inside, the Nexus just seems to be swallowed by the body up to the neck, at least for anal play, and the firmness presents no disadvantages.IMG_1379

The silicone is velvety all around the toy, except for the line when a seam would be. It looks like the seam was mechanically removed and left a sort of micro texture that does not feel so soft on the fingers, but that you can’t really feel during use. However, it makes cleaning more difficult as well.

I had some trouble getting the battery inside at first, as there was some sort of glued tape holding two wires that had rolled and was getting in the way of the battery. I assume it was an isolated incident as no one else mentions something of the sort, but after removing it with tweezers and making sure the wires weren’t in the way, everything worked just fine.

IMG_1369This vibrator can easily be used as a regular butt plug after you have removed the motor, and even if you keep it in.


The toy is what I’d call average in size, because at the widest part, it has a circumference of a little bit more than 5 inches. The head, from tip to back, has a length of 1.75”, but is quite slender being slightly less than an inch in width. The whole toy is 5” and is insertable for 4”. The base is fairly long, with 4.5”.


There are five vibration settings that are all of moderate intensity but that are well felt during anal play. The first one is rather unique, and starts as a quick escalating and deescalating pattern followed by a series of continuous faster pulses. The second is a two- to three-second-long constant vibration followed by a second-long pause. The third one is the constant vibration mode. The fourth one is single pulses interrupted by pauses. The last one is a series of three throbbing IMG_1380pulses followed by a pause. To turn it on and off, the button has to be held for about two seconds.

Female Opinion

I could not feel the vibrations vaginally as well as I did when it was inserted anally. Although the Rider did a superb job at finding my g-spot, I found the material to be slightly too firm for that use. I much preferred the sensation it offered for anal play, and it did feel amazing. It’s hard to say what made it such a great toy for me, as it didn’t seem to be filling me up or stretch me, but my body did sense it and took great pleasure from that shape and vibrations.

For either use, I was not stimulated by the nubs at the base or feel the vibrations through them. I IMG_1361did feel them against my clitoral area during vaginal insertion, but just because they rested against my skin. As for anal play, I could not even feel them.

I would have like to ride the Rider a little in a rocking movement, but as my butt cheeks are very cushiony, it didn’t work all that well. I could not achieve anything better than movements that would poke me. I was curious to know if I could change the vibrations with a rocking motion, so I can’t really say if it could work.

With the size of the base, vaginal penetration would not be possible at the same time, in case you’d like to try.

Male Opinion

Yes, I did ask for a guy opinion for this one, and I actually felt like I had no choice for reviewing a toy made for prostate massaging.

With the Nexus G-Rider, the orgasm that ensues is supposedly amazing and powerful. The firmness was just right and the shape and size was apparently perfect. The size didn’t feel too IMG_1364large for one who plays at an intermediate level in anal toys. However, larger than that would have been too much with the firmness of the toy. This toy has definitely become an instant favorite.

The vibrations were very interesting, especially the escalating one, which is a vibration pattern that is not that often available on vibrators. The nubs were not particularly felt during insertion either, but the base was extremely comfortable as the sides are round and don’t dig into the skin at all. This toy makes it easy to sit computer chair for a long period of time without being uncomfortable.


While the silicone is easy to care for, and you can find information about it here, the motor is not waterproof. So you will have to turn the toy upside down for washing or remove the motor entirely. At least it was be easily removed and put back in with some twisting.

Kynky Kytty

product picture
Prostate massager by LB Trading Ltd
Material: Silicone
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

This item was received for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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Incendiaire said...

What you said about the wires and the tape inside the battery compartment was exactly my experience. The battery kept snagging on the tape, which eventually rolled up into a ball, so I had to fish it out in the end.

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